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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture
Flower Power
Flower Power
  1. The Ultimate Vegas Brunch Guide

    Brunch time is the best time. Here are our top restaurant picks for the best eats in the wonderful city of Las Vegas. Check them out now!

  2. Here's Your Cannabis Edibles Horoscope

    Choosing the best edible is hard, so why not turn to the stars for help? MedMen has compiled the ultimate guide to finding the right type of cannabis edible for each zodiac sign.

  3. Product Spotlight: The Real Kurupt’s Moonrocks

    The Real Kurupt’s Moonrocks weed buds are one of the most powerful marijuana products you can get. You have to check these out.

  4. Strain Spotlight: Green Crack

    Green Crack cannabis strain is a great daytime strain that may help you fight fatigue, stress, and depression. Visit your nearest MedMen cannabis dispensary.

  5. Here Are the Most Epic Rap Lyrics About Weed

    When it comes to rap songs, no subject is off limits. We at MedMen have rounded up the most epic rap lyrics about weed in hip-hop history.

  6. The Parent Talk

    In the new normal, parents model for their children—and their own parents—how to responsibly use one of nature’s greatest gifts.

  7. Where To Find Vegas' Best Culinary Imports

    If you are a serious foodie, then you probably know that Las Vegas has evolved into a great culinary destination. Click here to see our top culinary picks for Vegas and why you should visit them.

  8. Strain Spotlight: Sour Diesel

    Sour Diesel, a Sativa-dominant is a top choice among medical patients because of its fast-acting and long-lasting relief from stress, pain, and depression. Click here to know more.

  9. A Cannabis-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Moms deserve gifts for all of their hard work and effort. This Mother's Day gift your stoner mama with a cannabis-themed gift to help her unwind and relax on her special day.

  10. Beyond Smoke

    CBD latte? Marijuana ice cream? Weed bath? These days, there’s a dizzying array of ways to use cannabis. Here’s the lowdown on the how, when, and why of each form.

  11. Flower and Flowers

    Forget carnations—now, hard-working moms can kick back with cannabis on Mother’s Day.

  12. What Is the Strongest Cannabis Strain?

    Here is a list of the most potent cannabis strains you can get your hands on in today's cannabis market. Are you ready for the strongest high? Let's find out!

  13. Weed Worldwide

    In the United States, nearly a century of unjust laws and misinformation have kept cannabis out of the hands of people who need it. But the tide is turning, and not just in North America. We take a look at the picture for pot around the world.

  14. The Ultimate Vegas Bachelorette Party Guide

    For a classic bachelorette bash, Vegas is the ultimate destination for any time of year. Read this guide if you are planning a bachelorette trip to Las Vegas with your best pals.

  15. Can CBD Help With Eczema?

    Did you know that CBD could be beneficial to patients suffering from eczema? Keep reading to find out more.

  16. Summer Pot Top 5

    The season’s choice strains, selected by MedMen cannabis curator Josh Shlenker and reviewed by EMBER’s team of cannabis experts.

  17. Product Spotlight: CannAmerica Fruit Juice Gummies

    CannAmerica's line of Fruit Juice Gummies offers new formulas that include three different flavor profiles of cannabis gummies. Keep reading to find out more about this great company.

  18. Weed Your Workout

    Want more focused and fun gym sessions and improved healing between workouts? Marijuana might just be the secret ingredient your fitness regime needs.

  19. How Virtue Became One of Nevada’s Top Cannabis Brands

    Ranson Shepherd's cannabis products line, Virtue, can be found in most Las Vegas dispensaries. Click here to learn more about Virtue.

  20. How To Make Your Own CBD Bath Bomb

    CBD-infused bath bombs are an effective and enjoyable way to reap the benefits of CBD. Click to discover the recipe for how to make CBD bath bombs at home.

  21. How Can Cannabis Help Soothe Psoriasis?

    Cannabis is one of the treatments that can be helpful to help ease psoriasis pain, discomfort, and even clear flare-ups. Keep reading to learn how cannabis can help soothe psoriasis.

  22. Can Cannabis Make Orgasms Easier?

    Cannabis can affect pleasure and orgasms, both mentally and physiologically. Read the following guide to about the impact cannabis can have on your orgasm.

  23. Cannabis Cooking Tips

    Cooking with weed is kinda like taking a shot in the dark. Here are some tips to avoid marijuana cooking mistakes which will help you become a better canna-chef.

  24. How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card: A State-by-State Guide

    As when you need to buy medical marijuana we have to have a medical card. With our guide below get to learn how to get yourself a medical card.

  25. The New Normal Behind the Scenes

    Take an exclusive look behind the scenes of our new ground-breaking short film, "The New Normal." Read now to see what director Spike Jonze and star Jesse Williams had to say about working with MedMen.

  26. Can Cannabis Help with Migraines?

    Humankind has been turning to cannabis for thousands of years. Read the following theories on how cannabis may be helpful for migraines. Check it out now!

  27. How Binske Is Paving the Way for High-End Edibles

    Binske's line of products represents best-tasting and highest quality cannabis edibles. Alex Pasternack, vice president of Binske shared the company’s fascinating backstory with MedMen. Check it out now!

  28. Chillhouse's Cyndi Ramirez Talks All Things CBD

    In conversation with Cyndi Ramirez the founder of Chillhouse, get to know her inspiration behind creating her relaxing salon and massage boutique. Read more details here.

  29. The CBD Hacks Fashion Stylists Swear By

    If you are trying to reap the healing benefits of CBD, then read the following CBD Hacks by this celebrity fashion stylist.

  30. The Ultimate Off-the-Strip Vegas Guide

    Read our comprehensive travel guide to the city of Las Vegas, ripe with tips and advice on things to do, where to stay and enjoy.

  31. Getting to Know Humboldt Apothecary

    Humboldt Apothecary a wellness-focused cannabis brand was launched with the mission to provide environment-friendly quality CBD Tinctures. Click here for more details.

  32. The Best Cannabis Concentrates To Try Right Now

    We here at MedMen have put together a guide of Best Cannabis Concentrates to help you better understand how to choose a concentrate that’s right for you.

  33. How to Pack For a Cannabis-Themed Picnic

    Want to have a successful cannabis-themed picnic? Check out our ideas on cannabis edibles and beverages to carry along on your picnic day.

  34. Tasty CBD Cocktail to Warm You Up

    CBD cocktails are a fun and refreshing way to enjoy the benefits of soothing cannabinoids. See our favorite CBD cocktail recipes to try at home.

  35. 12 Truly Epic Vegas Concerts to Check Out

    Check out some of our favorite Las Vegas concerts to experience the energy of one of the biggest show cities in the world.

  36. The Funniest Lowkey Stoner Scenes on Film

    Watch the funniest lowkey stoner scenes from the best stoner movies. Get your munchies ready and watch through these all-time best movies scenes.

  37. The History of Cannabis and Epilepsy

    For over a decade, cannabis has been used to treat epilepsy which is the most common neurological disorder. Read the article below to know how cannabis can help in the treatment of epilepsy.

  38. Meet Your New Best Friend, Old Pal

    Read about this great interview with Jason Osni and Rusty Wilenkin, the founders of our favorite cannabis brand, Old Pal by clicking here.

  39. Our Favorite Literary Weed Pairings

    Cannabis and reading make an excellent pairing. We take you through all the best ways to enjoy a good book and a good smoke—or edible, or extract, or whatever else unleashes your inner bookworm.

  40. What is 4/20?

    We dive deep into the history behind every stoner's favorite number. Think you know origin of 420? Read here and find out.

  41. The Cannabis-Free Guide to West Palm Beach

    West Palm Beach is MedMen's new home. Here's a guide to all the sights, sounds and flavors of the laid-back South Florida beach town — cannabis not required.

  42. Strain Spotlight: Super Lemon Haze

    Take a closer look Super Lemon Haze, an award-winning strain full of citrusy aromas and a sweet, tart taste.

  43. Terpenes 411: Camphene

    Get to know the terpene Camphene. We discuss its earthy scent and how it has been used to reduce pain and inflammation.

  44. Here's Your Cannabis Strain Horoscope

    Pair your horoscope with your ideal cannabis strain. Whether you're a stubborn Taurus or an outgoing Leo, there's a strain that's perfect for your star sign.

  45. Product Spotlight: Foria Relief

    Foria Relief offers the pleasure-enhancing and pain relieving qualities of cannabis in their products. This natural pain reliever could change your life.

  46. Festival Hangover? Our Top Cannabis Goods To Save The Day

    Festival days can end up wild after dancing, laughing and having fun with the others. Try MedMen's top cannabis goods to cure your festival hangover. Check them out now!

  47. Here’s How To Ace An Orlando Trip

    Looking for tips on what to do in Orlando? Read our guide about the best places to stay, eat, drink and enjoy.

  48. How This Organization Empowers Women in Cannabis

    Colorado's Women Grow is an organization that was created to empower women in the cannabis field. Read more about the group's efforts and how they're putting women in a position to succeed in the industry.

  49. Here's What Cannabinoids Do To Your Brain

    Cannabinoids are the major active ingredient in cannabis and they mimic chemicals produced naturally in the brain. Learn more details about the impacts of cannabinoids on your brain and mind.

  50. 7 Standout Festivals To Hit Up In 2019

    Read the following guide on how to enjoy cannabis before going to 2019’s most famous Standout Festivals.Happy blazing.

  51. How To DIY Cannabis-Infused Tea

    Cannabis Infused tea can be made in a variety of ways from many different ingredients. This DIY Cannabis tea recipe will definitely help you super boost your day.

  52. How Women Are Helping Lead The Way In the Cannabis Movement

    More and more women are becoming exceptional leaders in the cannabis industry and their impact is crucial to industry growth. Click here to learn more.

  53. Women in Cannabis: Mary Jane Gibson, Writer, Podcast Co-Host, Former High Times Culture Editor

    Read about Mary Jane Gibson, the former High Times culture editor and one of the leading female voices in the cannabis. She discusses equality in the industry and her new podcasting career.

  54. How Weed Enhances Creativity

    Weed has long been a partner for creative minds. It has a way of expanding the imagination, enabling access to new thoughts, opinion, and ideas. Click here for more details.

  55. Women in Cannabis: Stephanie Van Hassel, VP of Investor Relations

    Discover more about Stephanie Van Hassel, Vice President of Investor Relations here at MedMen. Stephanie discusses her background in investor relations and how she got started in the cannabis industry.

  56. What You Need To Know About Cannabis and Depression

    Cannabis has shown positive effective effects for symptoms of mental illness and disorders such as depression. Read more about this topic by clicking here.

  57. Women in Cannabis: Irena Raskin and Irena Hauser, Founders, My Best Bud

    Read our interview with Irena Raskin and Irena Hauser, founders of the pet-friendly wellness brand My Best Bud. Learn about their unique backgrounds and their thoughts on gender equality in the cannabis industry.

  58. Top Cannabis-Friendly Things to Do in Key West

    Planning to take a trip to Key West? Our guide to Key West has everything you need for a visit. This guide has lots of great ideas on planning your own cannabis friendly trip.

  59. Strain Spotlight: GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)

    If you are seeking relief from stress and chronic pain, Girl Scout Cookies is the best option for you. GSC is the best natural alternative to painkillers. Shop GSC marijuana strain now.

  60. How I Manage My Anxiety With Low Doses of Cannabis

    Low doses of cannabis can be more beneficial for consumers with qualifying conditions than large amounts. With MedMen, learn how to properly consume cannabis.

  61. Terpenes 411: Delta 3 Carene

    Get to know what Delta 3 Carene is. Understand how Delta 3 Carene’s anti-inflammatory properties can help treat arthritis or other disorders.

  62. Product Spotlight: Canndescent Stylus

    The Canndescent Stylus vape pen offers the same effect via oil, without the hassle or smell of smoke. Learn all about the premium cannabis vape stylus cartridges. Check it out now.

  63. 10 Great Things to Do When You're Blazing Kush

    MedMen has listed out some fun ways to rejoice your weed smoking experience. Check out these fun things you can do while you’re blazing kush.

  64. March Madness Potluck Party

    MedMen's comprehensive guide is designed to help enhance your March Madness Potluck Party through cannabis. Check out MedMen's perfect pot pairings while watching sports.

  65. The 5 Most Hilarious High Scenes in TV Shows

    From "Whose Weed Is That?" to "Accidentally Eating Pot Brownies" TV shows, we have listed some of the all-time favorite marijuana moments. Check them out now.

  66. Here’s How Cannabis Can Help Treat Anxiety

    Cannabis is proven to be an effective treatment for mood disorders like anxiety and depression. Read the full details here.

  67. Spring Pot Top 5

    Josh Shlenker, MedMen's cannabis curator, picked his five favorite marijuana strains. Find out if which strains are right for you.

  68. Women in Cannabis: Morgan Sokol, SVP of Government Affairs

    Read about Morgan Sokol, MedMen's Senior Vice President of Government Affairs. She discusses the aspects of her crucial role here at MedMen and what it takes to stay up to speed with the ever-evolving cannabis industry.

  69. Here's How CBD Can Make Hair Healthier

    With the growing interest in all types of CBD products, CBD hair products are becoming a rising trend. Keep reading to learn about the amazing benefits of CBD.

  70. Women in Cannabis: Kristi Knoblich Palmer, Co-Founder, Kiva Confections

    Learn more about Kristi Knoblich, co-founder of the popular Kiva Confections, which some of the best edibles on the market today. Here she discusses her career to date and her hopes for the future of the cannabis industry.

  71. How to Enjoy Cannabis

    Apart from the traditional method of smoking cannabis, the new techniques of cannabis consumption will help your ability to use more cannabis in your day to day life.

  72. State of the Art

    With the new line of [statement] products, MedMen is redefining the cannabis industry into healthier and better living. Shop for MedMen's [statement] collection to achieve the state of mind you desire.

  73. Product of the Day: Beboe Downtime Indica Mini Pen

    DOWNTIME Indica Blend Mini Pen provides serene, tranquility, and thoroughly cozy high. Get the Indica-dominant vape pen from nearest MedMen marijuana dispensary now.

  74. Women in Cannabis: Ruchi Birdi, SVP Supply Chain at MedMen

    Learn more about Ruchi Birdi, MedMen's Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, in the first interview in our Women in Weed interview series. She discusses her background in fashion and her hopes for women in the cannabis space.

  75. The Deal With Dosing

    Confused about cannabis dosages, concentrations and the effects? Here are a few things that could help you deal with dosing cannabis.

  76. How to Find the Right Strain for Your Vibe

    MedMen offers a helpful roadmap for making informed decisions for choosing the best strain for your marijuana experience. Check out our tips for picking the right marijuana strain.

  77. The Truth About Cannabis and Cancer

    Cannabis and Cancer have been a hot topic in the medical industry. Jordan Tishler, CEO of InhaleMD has shared his insights on treating cancer patients with cannabis. Read on to get the full picture.

  78. Strain spotlight: Granddaddy Purple

    If you are seeking for a head-to-toe relaxation, Granddaddy Purple is the best option for you. GDP is the best natural alternative to painkillers. Shop GDP marijuana strain now.

  79. How to Do San Diego Right

    There's nothing better than a vacation full of sun, sand, and fun. If you are planning for a long and adventurous getaway to San Diego, don't miss to read our guide with the best places to eat, stay and play!

  80. Cannabis and Sex Throughout History

    Studies have shown that sex and cannabis have an intimate relationship that dates back from centuries. Read a brief world history about cannabis and sex. Click here for more details.

  81. The Ultimate Guide To Hemp's Many Uses

    Explore everything you need to know about Hemp. This guide is meant to familiarize you with Hemp and its health benefits and uses.

  82. How to Dab

    Dabbing has become immensely popular in the past few decades. Read this quick guide by MedMen on what is dabbing & how do you smoke dabs?

  83. Check out MedMen’s Stylish New Merch

    MedMen’s Stylish New Merch consist of Marijuana apparels including t-shirts, jackets, keychain set, and enamel pin set. Shop for cannabis apparels at the nearest MedMen Store.

  84. Your Coffee Break Just Got a CBD Upgrade

    The CBD infused coffee has a rich invigorating taste that is perfect for early mornings and late nights. Wake your taste buds with this delicious CBD booster. Check it out now!

  85. The New Normal

    Director Spike Jonze and Actor Jesse Williams are teaming up for America's first-ever cannabis dispensary TV commercial by MedMen. Click here to check out more details.

  86. How Select Wants To Innovate The Business of Cannabis

    Select offers CBD Vaporizer Pens made from organic cotton wicks. Learn about the inspiration behind using 100% organic ingredients for their CBD products.

  87. What Are The Effects of These 7 Cannabis Strains?

    With thousands of cannabis strains available, MedMen makes it easy to find the perfect strain for you. Keep reading to learn more.

  88. The Best Strains and Products To Kick Your Insomnia

    If you are struggling with getting some shut eye, then maybe it’s time to look into using cannabis to cure your insomnia.

  89. What is The Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis?

    Hemp and Cannabis are the two varieties of the cannabis plant. Dr. Sedia explains the differences between hemp and cannabis in terms of appearance, composition, and usage. Check it out here.

  90. How to Make Great-Tasting Weed Brownies

    Weed brownies are usually a crowd favorite when it comes to cannabis edibles. Read our ultimate guide about how to make killer weed brownies by yourself. Check out here.

  91. Strain Spotlight: OG Kush

    OG Kush is a very unique hybrid strain that boasts a complex aroma with notes of skunk, and spice. Click here to learn more about this well-known hybrid strain and why it is so popular among cannabis users.

  92. Product of the Day: Atlas

    Atlas offer healthy, delicious edibles made with the highest quality cannabis. Atlas edibles are a hybrid of a granola bar, a fruit/oat bar and a cookie. Click here to know more about it.

  93. 11 Major Cannabis Trends For 2019

    2019 is undoubtedly going to be an advantageous year for the cannabis industry. Read below the following cannabis trends to be expected in 2019.

  94. Product of the Day: Kikoko Sensuali-Tea

    Start your Valentine’s day with a cup of Kikoko Sensuali-Tea to get a smoke-free cannabis experience. Add a pop of green to the traditionally pink and red day with our cannabis products.

A Journal of Cannabis and Culture
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