1. Breaking Down the Basics: California Cannabis Laws

    California was the first state to legalize the sale of marijuana. Cannabis consumer can now easily purchase marijuana products from the closest dispensary stores within the defined laws. Find more details about the California cannabis laws.

  2. Cannabis is Legal in Nevada: What are the Laws?

    Cannabis is now legal in Nevada with some limitations on possession and cultivation of marijuana. Here's everything you need to know about the legalization and laws of marijuana in Las Vegas and other cities of Nevada.

  3. What are Terpenes?

    Terpenes are fragrant oils found in many plants, including the cannabis plant. The combination of particular terpenes and cannabinoids may offer healing benefits that cannot be achieved by cannabinoids alone. Learn more about terpenes and their benefits.

  4. What are Cannabinoids?

    Cannabinoids play a vital role in the cannabis space by regulating important bodily functions ranging from memory to sleep, relaxation and pain relief. Learn more about the medicinal uses, effects and types of Cannabinoids.

  5. Fall in Las Vegas

    Find time to unwind this fall by visiting your favorite MedMen cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas and picking up some products to relax and refresh.

  6. MedMen's Cannabis Fall Favorites for Relaxation and Reflection

    Say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. We’ve got the perfect cannabis goods for you to enjoy alongside your favorite fall activities.

  7. Inhale, Exhale, and CBD—Cannabis and Anxiety

    CBD for anxiety: what you need to know about CBD and how it may help feelings of anxiety

  8. Feeling Blue? CBD Oil Can Help

    Learn about the health benefits of marijuana and how CBD oil can help improve your mood.

  9. Enjoy Labor Day Weekend with MedMen

    Enjoy Labor Day Weekend with MedMen.

  10. Venice’s Long History With Cannabis Culture

    Venice holds a very special place in the heart of marijuana lovers. Venice has a rich and vibrant cannabis culture that is rooted in the Venice lifestyle. Look no further than MedMen Abbot Kinney and Lincoln Boulevard to explore Venice’s weed culture.

  11. MedMen: Best Strains to Pair with Summer Activities

    Check out our recommendations of the best cannabis strains for summer. We’ve got a list of sativa strains and indica strains to pair with your favorite outdoor summer activities.

  12. EMBER

    A new quarterly journal that distills the forefront of design, wellness, creativity, style and culture through a modern, cannabis-lifestyle point of view.

  13. Top Pot 5

    MedMen’s cannabis curator, Josh Shlenker, surveyed the strains of the season and picked his top five, then a team of EMBER cannabis experts reviewed each for fragrance, quality, and effects. Enjoy!

  14. Sativa & Butter

    Want to make Cannabutter? Find the Customizable Cannabutter recipe made from Sativa and Butter for Cannabis foodies.

  15. Lake Bell

    Actress Lake Bell opens up about her cannabis journey, marijuana lifestyle and weed culture.

  16. Smoking vs Vaping: a Study in Contrasts

    Not sure whether to go with Smoking or Vaping the Cannabis? Well, we tried to put some light on both the methods to help you make the informed choice. Read more here.

  17. How to Dose

    Just starting your journey with Cannabis? Read these handy tips on Cannabis Dosing to enhance your Cannabis Experience! Here's your must-have Guide on How to Dose Cannabis.

  18. Elements of Cannabis

    Cannabis is filled with unique properties and scientists all around the world are always curious to know more about cannabis. Do you also want to know a bit more about cannabis? Here are the 5 components that you must learn about cannabis.

  19. Botany 101

    Familiarize yourself to the world of cannabis with this mini master class discovering the 'Anatomy of Cannabis'! Click now to know what is THC, CBD, Indica vs. Sativa and much more.

  20. Marijuana For Man's Best Friend: What You Need To Know

    People aren't the only ones benefiting from the legalization of cannabis—pets are as well. Learn about marijuana products for pets and the health benefits of cannabis for animals.

  21. Your Guide to Summer Cannabis Goods

    Check out some of the best marijuana strains to consume for an elevated summer experience.

  22. A Beautiful New Frontier

    When you go for shopping beauty products, you should consider Cannabis beauty products for your skin. Cannabis have medicinal as well as skincare benefits which makes your skin healthy and clear.

  23. Wedding Bells Ringing? MedMen's Top Tips For Vegas Bachelorette Parties

    If you have yet to hear the news already, let us be the ones to proclaim it: another MedMen location is heading to Las Vegas.

  24. California Taxes Explained

    Want to know about the California cannabis taxes? This blog will help you to understand why California is highest in paying cannabis taxes.

  25. Getting Ready for 4th of July in Los Angeles

    From the streets of Downtown LA to the beaches of Santa Monica, whether youre dining at a classic LA eatery or playing a game of beach volleyball, youll never run out of things to do in Los Angeles this 4th of July.

  26. What You Need To Know About Medical Marijuana and Its Benefits

    Medical Marijuana has been used over the decades to treat the health problems. Discover the incredible health benefits of medical marijuana.

  27. Discover Abbot Kinney

    There’s no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than wandering up and down Abbot Kinney Boulevard, the famed stretch of Venice best known for its bohemian spirit, fashion, art and food...

  28. 10 Helpful Weed Products For Elderly

    From the moment voters took to the polls and checked that box to legalize marijuana in California, one thing was clear: the landscape was about the change—and the user demographic was, too.

  29. The 10 Best Strains for Making Cannabis Brownies

    Let’s be honest. When you hear the word edibles, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

  30. Best Cannabis Experience for Your Lifestyle

  31. The Benefits of Dabbing

    Part of what makes marijuana use so accessible and exciting is the variety of ways in which users can consume cannabis.

  32. MedMen’s Introduction to Cannabis

    When it comes to being a cannabis beginner, the world of weed can sometimes seem a bit hazy.

  33. Why MedMen?

    Our Mission: Mainstreaming Marijuana. At MedMen, we challenge everything. We settle for what ought to be, not what is.

  34. MedMen’s Guide to Holiday Gifting

    Whether you’re ready or not, the holidays are here—and with that comes the task of holiday shopping.

  35. The Link Between Legalizing Marijuana and Curbing the Opioid Epidemic

    With the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana comes countless opportunities and advances in how weed is understood within our culture.

  36. How a design revolution in canna-business is attracting new customers

    With recreational marijuana use legal in California, the topic of cannabis is slowly shaking away the stigma that it carried amongst the general public.

  37. Weed and Workouts: How Edibles Enhance Exercise

    Whether you’re an all-star athlete or a casual exercise enthusiast, everyone has their own pre and post-workout ritual that makes them feel their best.

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