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September 09, 2022
The Easiest Cannabis Cookie Butter Recipe, featuring Big Pete’s Treats Cookies

BY CHRISTINA WONG OF FRUIT + FLOWER CO. | Original photography for Ember by Christina Wong

The first time I ate a Big Pete’s Treats cannabis cookie was during Thanksgiving before heading to my parents’ house. I popped a 10mg sativa chocolate chip cookie into my mouth before the hour-long drive and what happened next was a feeling I had never felt from an edible before. This was, by far, the best cannabis cookie I had ever experienced. 

A wave of creative euphoria swept over me just as I was getting off the freeway exit and it felt like the right side of my brain was firing on all cylinders. High-deas started flowing like an open fire hydrant on a hot, sticky summer day. It was a wildly intense, productive, creative experience that had me feeling elated and inspired. I’ve been a fan ever since. 

Big Pete’s cannabis cookies are one of the best edibles on the market in terms of quality of flavor. The Santa Cruz family-owned and operated company makes their delicious cookies with potent and effective cannabutter using plants sourced from local farmers. Their attention to crafting whole plant cannabutter the “old fashioned way” encourages the entourage effect—where all the compounds in cannabis work together to create a more effective experience—is why my high from that cookie felt and tasted SO GOOD. 

Why Use Cannabutter in Edibles? 

I find that the psychoactive effects of baked goods and edibles made with solventless methods—like cannabutter or flower rosin (found in Rose Delights)—simply feel better than ones made with isolate and distillate extracts. It does have a more “weedy” flavor, but for this baked baker, that’s part of the magic of appreciating the cannabis plant. Weed doesn’t have to taste bad, and it’s possible to celebrate those natural, herbaceous flavors in baked goods rather than hiding it with extracts.  

Big Pete’s cookies come in a variety of flavors including chocolate chip, peanut butter, cinnamon & sugar, lemon, birthday cake, double chocolate, insane churro, and strawberry coconut. Any of these cookies can be turned into a smooth and creamy Cannabis Cookie Butter spread.  

Read my upcoming Q&A with Big and Pete Jr. to learn why their cannabis cookies are one the best edibles in California.


What Is Cookie Butter? 

Popularized in Europe and called speculoos in Belgium, this decadent cookie spread is like peanut butter’s cousin, except made with Biscoff cookies. Trader Joe’s started selling Speculoos Cookie Butter spread in jars alongside peanut butter and almond butter, Ben & Jerry’s made cookie butter ice cream with speculoos at the core, and the U.S. obsession with cookie butter took off.  

Below is my recipe for how you can make homemade cannabis cookie butter using Big Pete’s cookies. 

Ways to Use Cookie Butter

Let us count the ways!

  1. Spread it on toast, waffles, pancakes, and French toast 

  2. Swirled in brownies and blondies

  3. Eat on apple slices

  4. Spread on graham crackers and s’mores

  5. Dip with pretzels

  6. Eat it straight with a spoon

  7. Use as a filling for cinnamon rolls

  8. Stir into oatmeal

  9. Spread on banana bread

  10. Fill a donut 

  11. Make cookie butter chocolate cups


Big Pete’s Treats Cookie Butter Recipe


Makes 2 cups (14 oz.)


Mini food processor



2 cups (230g) Big Pete’s cookies, finely ground (24 cookies)

4 tablespoons unsalted butter

1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk

1/4 cup evaporated milk

1/4 teaspoon salt 



Place the cookie crumbs in a large heat-safe bowl. In a small saucepan over medium, heat the butter, condensed milk, evaporated milk until melted. Remove from heat and pour half into the cookie crumbs and stir to combine. Add the rest of the liquid into the cookie crumbs just until it is wet enough to hold its shape. The consistency should be like stiff, thick peanut butter. If it’s too wet and runny, add more cookie crumbs. 

Transfer into glass jars and set aside to cool to room temp. Chill in the fridge to store for up to 14 days. 


The entire batch contains 240mg THC. 1 tablespoon of cookie butter contains ~8.5mg THC. 

Christina Wong is a culinary cannabis writer, educator, recipe developer, content creator, baked baker, and baking show host who’s earned accolades for her imaginative and delectable creations, including a contest-winning pie that KCRW’s Evan Kleiman called “f*&%ing delicious." She’s the Founder & CEO of Fruit + Flower Co., a creative media company that brings together cannabis and food in intriguing and sometimes unexpected ways. Her work has been featured in High Times, Cherry Bombe, CannaCurious, and Kitchen Toke Magazine.

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