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May 04, 2021
Mother's Day Gift Guide: Luxe THC & CBD Topicals for Mom


There’s been a downright renaissance of cannabis topicals over the past decade, with Mary Jane coming into her reign as the queen of self-care. So we thought, what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with some elegant smoke-free relaxation?

Whether you’ve been mulling over how to introduce mom to cannabis, or if you openly share your love for the green goddess, here are our top picks to indulge mothers everywhere:

Kush Queen: Relax CBD Bath Bomb 200mg

For the most gentle introduction

$20, Available at select MedMen locations

You can take spa day to the next level with Kush Queen’s best-selling CBD bath bombs that facilitate whole-body relaxation. We’d recommend the aptly named Relax, a fizzing sphere that transforms the water into a soothing ocean blue, with a whopping 200mg of real (not hemp-derivative) CBD, and fragrant essential oils of lavender, chamomile, and frankincense. It’s a simple yet luxurious way to melt all tensions away. 

Mary's Medicinals: Transdermal Compound – 1:1 CBD:THC - 1oz

The All-Rounder with a balanced 1:1 profile for aches and inflammation

$55, Available at select MedMen locations 

Mary’s Medicinals is known for their reliably dosed remedies formulated by in-house chemists, so it comes as no surprise that they’ve come out with this solid upgrade on the classic mentholated muscle rub. The Transdermal Compound incorporates a high-quality cannabis extract in a fast-absorbing mango butter base. With 100mg of perfectly balanced cannabinoids, 1:1 CBD to THC, it reduces inflammation in the joints and provides effective relief to achy muscles.  

Papa & Barkley: Releaf Balm - 1:3 CBD: THC - 50ml

For impressive, targeted pain relief in an all-natural salve

$70, Available at select MedMen locations


If your mother’s still skeptical regarding the wholesome, good-for-you qualities of cannabis, the elegantly designed and powerfully dosed Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Balm just might convert her. The company was founded by a son searching for a solution to his father’s debilitating back pain, for goodness’ sake! This all-natural balm is infused with whole-plant cannabis, with a high ratio of THC to CBD that makes it perfect for acute physical pain and discomfort while remaining non-psychoactive. But there’s more: it has a luxurious texture from the plant-based oils, and a relaxing herbal scent of eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, and lavender. It’s pain relief and a sensorial experience, all in one.

KINGDM Cosmetics Foto Blur Primer

For the Real Housewives mom, an award-winning CBD cosmetic

$40, Available at select MedMen locations


Can cannabis also make you... beautiful? Kush Queen’s cosmetics line, KINGDM rises to the challenge with a gorgeously pore-blurring, skin-smoothing primer (a crucial first step before any foundation—if you’re confused, your mom can explain). This winner of Refinery29's Beauty Innovator Award 2019 incorporates nanotechnology to deliver the potent anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids in a transdermal formula, reducing any redness and preventing breakouts. It’s cushiony and silicone-based while applying like a moist, lightweight serum, with the faintest whiff of grassy hemp to feel a bit daring. There’s also always the option of graduating to a buzzy THC formula if she so desires.  

The following are available from other vendors, but impressed us nonetheless: 

Cosmic View: Cycle Soothe (Women's Pain Balm)

$45, Available at select dispensaries

It’s possible your mother remembers the time-honored remedy of castor oil packs for cramp relief. Think oil on belly, warm towel on top. Cycle Soothe is a lovely, easy-to-use update in an 100% organic, doctor-formulated balm, infused with 200mg THC, 50mg CBD, and a blend of terpene-rich essential oils.  

Humble Flower: Body Lotion - 250mg THC & 250mg CBD - Jasmine & Rose  

$80, Available at select dispensaries

For those who appreciate luxurious skincare for their vanity, this body lotion from Humble Flower is guaranteed to please. The considered balance of humectants like glycerin and aloe, with rich emollients like sunflower, jojoba, borage, and tamanu oils nourish and soften skin. This silky lotion is gorgeously scented with rose and jasmine, while sneaking in 250mg each of THC and CBD.

Green Bee Botanicals Brightening Eye Cream - with CBD, THC, Calendula & Caffeine

$40, Available at select dispensaries

Finally, the potential of cannabis in anti-aging shines through in this little powerhouse of an eye cream. This Silver Winner of the 2019 Emerald Cup contains some of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actives like calendula, caffeine, squalene, and importantly: a full-spectrum cannabis extract, with a total 60mg of CBD and THC.

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