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May 03, 2018
The 10 Best Strains for Making Cannabis Brownies

Let’s be honest. When you hear the word edibles, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For many of us, it’s safe to assume that we immediately think of “pot brownies.” Equal parts delicious and exciting, weed brownies are one of the tastiest avenues for ingesting cannabis. They’re nearly impossible to resist.

Looking for a late-night snack that gives you a little buzz? Or want more of a party pump up? There are so many ways in which you can concoct and enjoy cannabis brownies, but with endless options comes the obvious conundrum: it’s hard to even know where to start.

Baking them yourself can sometimes prove to be an interesting exercise in potency, which is why choosing the right strain is important.

Find Your Best Strain

From sativas to indicas to hybrid varieties in between, MedMen has countless options when it comes to crafting tasty treats. And while there is never really a wrong avenue to go down when choosing the flower to infuse into your brownies, we’re offering up four options that might pique your interest.

Headband Cake is a sativa-dominant strain from yours truly that will give you a boost and add a bit of fun to any sort of activity. In keeping with the dessert theme, Headband Cake is a delicious ingredient that will make your brownies pop.

A hybrid is always a great call for brownies that will give you that sweet middleground high. The Highline Distribution Cookie Wreck is a favorite for this. And with a name like Cookie Wreck, it seems only fitting that you bake these buds into your brownies.

MedMen Sour Banana Sherbert is an indica-dominant strain that will get you relaxed and then ready to relax some more. For those looking for a quiet (yet incredibly interesting) night in, this flower is for you.

The Best Cannabis Brownies

Gold Seal Red Roy is sativa-dominant strain that is a favorite of many. Why? Bake up some brownies and you’ll see for yourself. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

Another indica dominant, Atrium Farm White Tahoe Cookies have a sweet tooth-centric name for a reason, and we’re certain they’ll get you high and ready for some serious couchtime.

Sativa strain favorite THC Design Lemon Meringue is a great in-between variety that will give you that uplifting impact you love—day or night.

Madrone Viper Cookies—that’s a name with a definite ring to it. Indica dominant, this flower will pack a punch of cannabis power into your next batch of brownies.

Henry’s Original Sour Amnesia is an exciting sativa flower that brings an exciting and funky cannabis blast to your tasty dessert treat. If the name Sour Amnesia is any indication, this strain is a great one to add to your ingredient list.

Here are two reasons why you should get baking with Fig Farms Banana Fig: it is an indica dominant bud and an award winning strain. Happy baking!

Rounding out the list is sativa-dominant bud—MedMen Tangie Dream. Whether you’re looking to venture outdoors with a brownie-induced high or are simply wanting to chill with some friends, Tangie Dream will bring a fun twist to your brownies.

And one last thing before you go bake the special brownies of your dreams: take your strain of choice, pop it in the oven, and combine it with butter or coconut oil (cannabutter, anyone?) to help ensure that the potency is consistent throughout your delicious treats.

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