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February 16, 2019
Product of the Day: Kikoko Sensuali-Tea


Valentine’s Day is coming up, and the thought of grabbing a bottle of your favorite Malbec for a romantic evening in suddenly seems a bit boring. So, now is the perfect time to head to your nearest marijuana dispensary for a little something different than your typical wine-and-chocolates combo. Sure, you can pick up a nice and relaxing indica bud, but if you want to really impress your Valentine, get them some tea.

Cannabis Tea for Valentine’s Day

Before you’re wondering, “Wait, did you say tea? On the sexiest day of the year?!,” it’s important to know just how unique Kikoko’s products are, and how they can elevate any kind of intimate experience. While tea can evoke Grandma-esque feelings of comfort and coziness, Kikoko Sensuali-Tea elicits the opposite. Sensuali-tea is referred to as Kikoko’s “sex tea,” as its 7mg THC content can help you get in the mood.

It's Time to Take the Mask Off

“Evidence has shown that low-ish doses of THC relax the mind and body, allowing people to be more open to overcoming inhibitions,” explains Amanda Jones, Kikoko’s co-founder. She also points out that THC has also been found to have stimulating effects on the brain, making sense of touch more acute, and orgasms feel more intense. Sensuali-Tea has an array of alluring ingredients, including cardamom, clove, hibiscus, orange peel, licorice root, and rose petals—all of which are organic. It also boasts a stunning ruby hue, making it even more apropos for Valentine’s Day enjoyment.

Hot tip: Jones recommends that you drink Sensuali-tea hot or as a cold “tea-tail” (a mocktail recipe, available on Kikoko’s website). Says Jones, “Enjoy the onset—about 40 minutes—with dinner and a deep, open conversation, and then slip out of your clothes and let the magical elixir of Sensuali-tea do its thing…”

Shop MedMen to find Kikoko Sensuali-Teanear you. 

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