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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture

11 Major Cannabis Trends For 2019

11 Major Cannabis Trends For 2019


If you thought 2018 was a big year for cannabis, think again. With California on its second year of legalization, increasingly more states allowing recreational and medical marijuana use, Canada’s national legalization, and the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill regulating industrial hemp, it’s clear that we’ve only just dipped our toes into the vast opportunity that is the cannabis pool. The cannabis landscape is constantly evolving, and connoisseurs and novices alike should take note of what’s coming.

This year, our fingers are crossed for more technological advances, revelations in research and education, new business ventures, and hopefully, further progress towards federal legalization. For now, we can anticipate the many cannabis trends, from ones that are still going strong, such as CBD-based wellness, to what we’re predicting will get progressively buzzier in the coming months, like bougie cannabis lounges.

Here are 11 cannabis trends to expect in 2019.

Cannabis Trends in 2019

Ultra-low-dose edibles

One of the biggest advances in recent years has been edibles, and the ability to consume in low doses. Those who are still slightly traumatized from that bad experience with a weed cookie in 2010 can finally redeem themselves, thanks to advances in the cannabis food space. Microdosing—consuming low-dose edibles—helps with stress, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and more, so the popularity of low-dose consumption will continue to thrive.

Growing your own

Plants are popular with millennials: succulents have practically become required desk, nightstand, and/or kitchen counter decor, after all. So why shouldn’t Plant Moms and Plant Dads expand their horizons to include cannabis? In states where growing your own marijuana is legal, we’ll likely see more green thumbs tending to cannabis plants for the first time.

Even more effects-based products

With the growing popularity and appeal of effects-based cannabis products, such as MedMen’s very own [statemade] series, we’re sure to see many brands expand upon this theme. Effects-based cannabis allows users to address wellness issues or simply achieve a desired mood. Basically, there’s a veritable cornucopia of customized cannabis experiences to choose from, right at your fingertips.

Sip on this: Non-alcoholic cannabis beers are here

Beer snobs can now add cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic brews to their curated palettes. Companies like Lagunitas, Two Roots Brewing, and CERIA Brewing Co. are hard at work on cannabis-based beer, which contains no alcohol. This next-gen take on suds should prove to be as popular as the craft beer craze—think:so many self-appointed IPA connoisseurs and newfound brewery fanatics—from a few years ago.

Cannabis integration at major events

The Sundance Film Festival featured its first-ever CBD concept house, known as WELLHAUS, this year. With festival season on the horizon, we expect a bigger cannabis brand presence and more CBD-themed spaces at Coachella and other high-profile music events around the country. Perhaps we’ll even see pot make an appearance at this year’s awards ceremonies. A CBD lounge at the Oscars sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Cannabis cooking for all

Between the launch of THC- and CBD-infused olive oil brand Vireo, the advent of simple infusing devices like LEVO, plus the ability to far more easily make your own DIY cannabutter and cannabis coconut oil, amateur chefs will experiment more with cannabis cooking in the coming months. All we need now is an edition of Choppeddevoted to weed confections.

A fresh cup of...CBD

CBD-infused coffee is a weed trend that started last year, and we’ll certainly see more cafes and coffee brands getting in on the hype. Will Starbucks be the first mainstream java juggernaut to whip up CBD lattes?

CBN might be the new CBD

CBD may have been in the spotlight the past year, but its cousin, CBN,will have its moment in 2019. CBN is another non-psychoactive compound of cannabis, which develops as THC oxidizes. Benefits include pain relief and anti-inflammation, but it's being primarily used for sleep issues: Some insomnia sufferers have been turning to CBN instead of sleeping pills.

Cannabis beauty bounty

In 2018, popular beauty brands like Milk Makeup formulated products with cannabis. It’s only January, and already we’ve seen cannabis-themed launches from big skincare brands like Kiehl’s and Josie Maran; even Neiman Marcus debuted a high-end cannabis beauty product section. We’re poised to keep seeing these sorts of cameos in the mainstream beauty scene, focusing either on the benefits of hemp oil or CBD. Also on the docket: a heightened interest in—and an increased variety of—cannabis-themed fragrances.

Next-level R&R, via CBD spa treatments

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD, these types of cannabis-infused relaxation treatments are gaining even more traction in spas and massage studios across the country. The odds are good that you’ll definitely see more of this throughout the year.

Terpene takeover 

Terpene education is going to be huge this year. Going hand-in-hand with the effects-based product trend, cannabis users will begin to favor terpene-led products, chosen according to their different therapeutic benefits.

A Journal of Cannabis and Culture
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