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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture

How To Pair Cannabis With Your Favorite Form Of Self-Care

How To Pair Cannabis With Your Favorite Form Of Self-Care


Spending a Friday night at home with your vape, favorite snacks, and a Lush bath bomb sounds about as good as it could get — the only thing that could get in the way of your downtime is having to choose from the array of options at your fingertips. Sure, there are a plethora of snacks and bath bombs out there to consider, but we’re talking about the wide variety of cannabis strains and products that could possibly accompany your preferred form of self-care. Whether you like to wind down with a trip to the nail salon, a comfy cat nap, or a full cryotherapy session, there’s a cannabis product that pairs perfectly with your go-to R&R move. Thomas Winstanley, Director of Marketing at Massachusetts-based cannabis brand Theory Wellness, shared his recommendations for adding cannabis to your favorite self-care activity.

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Care with Cannabis

If you’re settling into a state of deep reflection and thought, you’re going to want a strain that will “provide deep focus and bring a bit of uplift without feeling too racy,” like Banana Split or Jilly Bean, Winstanley says.

Thanks to the wide variety of topical, CBD-infused products on the market now, integrating cannabis into your next massage has never been easier. Winstanley suggests dabbling with a CBD-addled oil for your next rubdown. (Theory makes its own version; a budtender at your local MedMen can also guide you toward some CBD oils well-suited for a tension-taming, knot-untangling session.) “Many users find relief and feel a tingling or a gradual lightening of their symptoms within 30 minutes,” he says.

Bubble Bath
Winstanley notes that a soothing bubble bath can be deeply relaxing, both physically and mentally, which leads him to recommend a hybrid strain, such as Wedding Cake, for your next long soak. He says users can expect “calm, euphoric, and slightly sedative effects” from this strain, adding that “it will help you wind down without putting you down completely.”

If “self-care” to you means simply catching up on your beauty rest, your choice is clear. “We’d definitely lean toward the indica side of things,” Winstanley says, pointing to Purple Punch, with its fruity taste and heavy indica profile, as the perfect pre-nap strain. “Just make sure you have enough time to wake up afterward before moving on with your day,” he adds.

If you’re taking the most luxurious route possible with your mani-pedi, you’re more than likely going to a salon for an appointment with a nail technician—meaning you’ll be in public, so you’ll “definitely want to be discrete and find a product that’s going to keep you enlivened and social,” Winstanley says. His pick is vaping Blue Dream or Black Raspberry, either of which will “help you relax and enjoy yourself without leaving you disengaged.”

Sound Bath
When looking for the right cannabis strain to elevate a sound bath, which requires you to lay quietly and allow yourself to be immersed in (usually live) sounds and music, you should look for one that will “balance the physical relaxation with mental acuity,” Winstanley says. Specifically, he recommends a strain like Sunshine Daydream, either smoked or vaped.

Does standing in a chamber cooled to temperatures as frigid as -220 degrees sounds pretty, well, chill? Winstanley suggests “going the sublingual route” and using a tincture or eating an edible before hopping in. “It’ll be in your system longer and have a more sustained presence before, during, and after the treatment,” he says.

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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture
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