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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture

Our Favorite Literary Weed Pairings

Our Favorite Literary Weed Pairings

Whether you’re a first-time marijuana user or a longtime enthusiast who can’t get enough of the wonderful flower, everyone has a favorite activity to pair with cannabis consumption. Because while weed works wonders for specific ailments and needs, sometimes it’s added psychoactive experience that gets you ready to roll that joint and enter the cannabis space. Perhaps you’re a fan of the tried and true movie and marijuana duo, or maybe you’re looking forward to a yoga session where meditation is heightened with a little help from weed; your idea of a weed-centric activity could be sitting in bed getting ready to drift off to sleep, or simply hanging out with friends with an elevated boost of energy and mood.

That list of activities could go on for ages—that’s what makes weed the wondrous thing that it is. We have got a lot of pastimes and happenings that top our list, but there’s one that we return to time and time again, and it’s the simple pleasure of picking up a book when you’ve got some marijuana magic in the making. Whether you are looking to curl up on the couch and get lost in a love-centric novel, dig deeper into a newly acquired work of non-fiction, or take your imagination to new heights with a sci-fi wonder, when you bring some weed into the reading mix there’s no telling what might happen.

Think about it—what better way to immerse yourself in a book and take on the wild anecdotes that color the page than with some cannabis? But let’s be clear: we’re talking about the reading you do in your spare time! From a sativa concentrate that will energize and elevate your imagination to an indica edible made to get you in the mood for a totally mind-bending literary journey, the MedMen marijuana bookshelf is full of cannabis products perfect for any and every type of book-based adventure.

There’s no better way to start off the literary pairings than with some dabbling in the marijuana genre itself. Yes, we know that it’s not a real genre, but the likes of Inherent ViceFear and Loathing in Las Vegasand The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test are reason enough to declare it as such. As the characters on the page venture into their own worlds of weed, we suggest you go along for the ride with Canndescent’s Connect. The hybrid bud brings about a boost of joy that is a true celebration of marijuana moments that occur in both fact and fiction.

Did somebody say outer-space storylines, magical worlds, and epic battles? Your science-fiction and fantasy favorites are already a wild ride of wonder, so just imagine what a bit of weed will do to the plotlines that lie ahead. Pair your space-centric tale with Starry Nightfrom Henry’s Original. The hybrid will bring you further into the dreamy story with a kick of imagination and just the right amount of energy to get you to the end. For those stories revolving around a journey like never before it’s best to have Quest from Source Cannabis by your side. We can’t tell if it’s the name or the strain that brings about its killer powers, but it sure is the ultimate sativa dominant tool to go on any kind of adventure.

Got a new zeitgeisty series that you can’t get enough of? Keep on reading all through the night and dive even deeper into the storylines on the page with some help from cannabis. We think Korova’sMini Sativa Toffeeand the hybridChocolate Coffee Beansfrom Somatik pair perfectly with those nearly addictive books that neither you nor your friends can stop thinking and talking about. Whether you’re reading in bed or fireside on your couch, a tasty marijuana treat is a sure way to make the entire literary experience even better.

For those non-fiction lovers, fans of memoirs, and biography bookworms, you really cannot go wrong with strains that bring you back in time with a historical high. Knee deep in a Marie Antoinette biography or a political piece that brings together the past and present? The Medix OrganixRoyal Highnessis a sativa dominant strain to bring you to the time periods you’re reading about. We also can’t complete this list without mentioning the historical and iconic Dante’s Fireby Seasonal Harvest Co. It’s an indica with a nod to the literary gods of yore—need we say more?

And there you have it: our ultimate literary pairings for all you book and weed-lovers out there. What’s next? Pick your book and head on over to MedMenfor the marijuana good suited for your story. Happy reading!

A Journal of Cannabis and Culture
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