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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture

Product of the Day: Atlas

Product of the Day: Atlas


Not so long ago, cannabis-infused edibles that were both effective and legitimately as tasty as non-infused treats were few and far between. These days, however, we have brands like Atlas Edibles to thank for making that sought-after combination of form (or flavor, in this case) and function (a.k.a., the pot component) a reality. Basically, Atlas Edibles is elevating cannabis consumption to an almost artistic level. Founded in 2016 by Berkeley-based chef Ezra Malmuth, the brand is most famous for its chewy and flavorful granola clusters. In fact, the clusters have won multiple awards in the industry, including accolades at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

About Atlas Edibles Granola Clusters

There are currently four flavors of Atlas Gourmet Granola Clusters on offer, and you can choose between a sativa buzz or a cozy indica, as well as two hybrids for vibes that land somewhere in between. Stratus, one of its hybrid offerings, is described as a zesty lemon caramel with hints of ginger, toasted almonds, sweet wild blueberries, and poppy seeds. This particular flavor features a harmonious balance between indica and sativa strains. You’ll enjoy a comforting feeling from the indica, alongside the liveliness brought on by the sativa. Have you ever expected such a gift from your regular granola snack bar?

Other flavor options include Ember, a sativa strain with caramel, cayenne, and apricot notes; Nimbus, the other hybrid strain, which contains dark chocolate, toasted hazelnuts, pecans, and currants; and Origin, the indica iteration, which has Mexican chocolate, crispy puffed rice, and pepitas. Bonus: The granola clusters are also low-carb, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

What makes Atlas Gourmet Granola Clusters even more unique is its aesthetic, though there’s more meaning imbued in the design besides the stylish packaging. Each one is designed by a different artist from the Bay Area. Every bag contains 80mg of THC, specifically broken down into four clusters at 20mg each. So, for those new to the brand, it’s best to start off low—under 5mg—and see how you feel after two hours before consuming more.

Ready to try out Atlas Edibles’ Gourmet Granola Clusters firsthand? Shop MedMen today.

A Journal of Cannabis and Culture
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