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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture

Product Spotlight: Canndescent Stylus

Product Spotlight: Canndescent Stylus

  In 2017, Canndescent became the first cannabis cultivator to relinquish the traditional practice of using strain names to identify its products by introducing a system based on “effects.” There’s no doubt that Canndescent propelled this major trend forward, as evidenced by the array of cannabis brands adopting this model today. Now, Canndescent has introduced a new product that will allow marijuana consumers to curate their desired high and wellness benefits in an even more convenient manner.

About Stylus Vape Pen

Enter Canndescent's Stylus, a vape pen that looks exactly like a ballpoint pen when the cap is on, except it’s waymore luxe. The rechargeable smoking accessory works with five oil cartridges that represent the brand’s five signature, “C”-named effects: Create, Charge, Calm, Cruise, and Connect. Working on an art project or really want to get some writing done? Try Create. Just want something that will allow you to chill and take things easy? Reach for Calm. Planning a sexy night in with your partner? Skip the bottle of wine—Connect is the cartridge to have on hand.

These oil cartridges contain all-natural terpenes without any artificial additives, and the pen features three different heat setting options—use a lower heat to increase the flavor and maximize battery life, and a higher heat for a stronger effect.

If you want to try out the Canndescent Stylus, visit a MedMen marijuana dispensary near you. 

A Journal of Cannabis and Culture
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