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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture

The CBD Hacks Fashion Stylists Swear By

The CBD Hacks Fashion Stylists Swear By


Supportive underwear, double-sided fashion tape, a needle, and thread. These are all examples of the items a stylist—especially one with celebrity clientele walking the red carpet on live television—can materialize within seconds should the need arise. However, over the past couple years, there’s been a less conventional, albeit highly effective, addition to many stylists’ kits: CBD.

Life Changing CBD Hacks

Some of the earliest reports of red carpet CBD use have come from a few of Hollywood’s most prominent names in styling, including Karla Welch and Erica Cloud, who’ve divulged that they use various CBD products (specifically from Lord Jones for their clients Sarah Paulson and Mandy Moore, respectively. Due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, lotions and oils containing cannabidiol have been utilized to potentially help relieve pain caused by wearing high heels—something that comes in handy considering the hours any actress puts in for a major press tour or award season circuit.

“I love to use it on my clients’ feet before red carpet events,” explains stylist Lindsay Flores, who works with clients like Halle Berry. “It makes heels more tolerable for a long award show or makes your feet not sore at all the next day, too.”

While the fashion set’s CBD use has been predominantly headline-making within the last year or so, for Flores, it’s not actually all that new a solution. “I’ve been using CBD oil for the past three or four years,” she says. “I was introduced by my naturopath.”

Stylist Britt Theodora is a more recent CBD fan, though her introduction to products containing the non-psychoactive stuff didn’t initially have anything to do with hard-to-walk-in shoes. “I have been using CBD products for about six months,” says the stylist, whose model-centric client roster includes Bambi Northwood, Barbara Palvin, and Elena Matei. “I would add it in my iced coffee on more stressful days, and noticed a big difference.”

Like Flores, Theodora says she currently uses CBD for her clients in order to relieve foot pain—”I personally use Alyson Eastman's CBD product, Remedy”, she says—but also acknowledges the chemical’s other benefits, including its potential to relieve stress and quell anxiety. “I am a big advocate of meditation and feel that when I dedicate at least 30 minutes of my day doing meditation, that is a big stress relief for me,” Theodora explains. “However, I rarely have time for meditation every day, so CBD has become a great alternative for when I’m on the go.”

This year alone there were increasingly more documented uses of CBD on the red carpet, be it stylists like Kate Young, who told The Hollywood Reporter about her affinity for dosist pens, to help relax before awards night, or this year’s Oscar gift bag. As Forbes reported last month, the famously luxe gift bag for the event’s 2019 nominees, distributed by L.A. marketing company Distinctive Assets, came packed with several different CBD- and cannabis-infused products to test-drive. This included products from cannabis skincare line High Beauty, edibles from Coda Signature, and a membership to MOTA Los Angeles.

“I have only used CBD topically for clients for their feet, but I think now that their are so many creative products on the market,” adds Theodora. “It wouldn't surprise me if it becomes an addition to my clients’ routine in getting ready for a big event.”

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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture
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