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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture

Marijuana For Man's Best Friend: What You Need To Know

Marijuana For Man's Best Friend: What You Need To Know

Cannabis: you know it, you love it, and you revel in the ability to use in countless ways now that it’s 2018—be it for leisure, relaxation, recreation, medicinal needs, and anything in between.

With the ushering in of the now legalized substance, it should come as no surprise that cannabis’ uses have come to extend to that very important sidekick, family member, and best friend. Yes, we are talking about your pet—and more specifically, of the canine and feline variety. Because from CBD and hemp oils to tasty dog edibles, marijuana has entered the lexicon when it comes to man’s best friend.

Whether your pet is anxiety-ridden, in some postoperative pain, sick upon reaching old age, or just needs a bit of help to relax and get straight to the catnap, there are a multitude of ways in which cannabis can help—think of it almost like a dog treat or piece of catnip with an entirely new meaning. But before you go and begin dropping some CBD oil into your dog’s food, there are some important components to note and conversations to be had.

While research is still being conducted in terms of the benefits and detriments of marijuana on the health of animals, many have seen a positive impact on their pet’s ailments or temperaments when introducing CBD-centric products. Of course, it is important to consult your veterinarian before introducing any CBD for pets day-to-day, but there is one commonality: CBD is the favorable option over THC. Giving your pet that “high” experience can be harmful, whereas CBD offers up the flipside of the experience. Much like the effects of CBD for us humans who are in pain, cannot get shut eye, experience anxiety and depression, or are feeling sore from time to time, those same effects can be seen in animals.

Nausea, pain, arthritis, seizures, and anxiety—nobody wants to see their pet suffering from any of these, especially if classic drugs bring on unwanted side effects. Does your dog often get a spike in anxiety when a new house guest enters the front door? Or perhaps an upset stomach from time to time? Maybe your elderly pet has some hip pain or just cannot calm down as you are about to board the plane? Thankfully, MedMen has quite a few pet-focused products that can help.

Up and Moving from Therabis incorporates natural hemp oil as well as other beneficial nutrients such as Vitamin C, Chromium, Vitamin E, and green lipped mussel in their core formula to give dogs an extra pep in their step as they age. Whether it is back issues, hip pain, or joint immobility, Up and Moving helps your dog get moving in a way that is natural.

My Best Bud is a MedMen essential. With three proprietary formulas—CBD, 4:1, and 1:1—their products are formulated for pets with bothTheir CBD formula offers relief when it comes to anxiety, GI problems, itchiness, inflammation, and so much more. The 4:1 formula is optimal for ailments such as seizures, allergies, and even behavioral problems, while their 1:1 formula can be used to help manage glaucoma, spinal or brain trauma, and cancer pain. Even better, they’re also whole plant, non-GMO, organic, a pesticide-free. Because we only want the best for your precious pup.

Treatibles is another favorite brand when it comes to giving your pet a cannabis comfort for a variety of health and wellness needs. The CBD Gel Caps and Chews both contain non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) oil, which is extracted from medicinal grade hemp, and bring pets the spectrum of benefits known within CBD products. The Chews are grain free and come in a variety of flavors, too, such as Blueberry, Pumpkin, and Turkey.

Interested in introducing cannabis into your pet’s daily diet? First step: speak with your pet’s veterinarian. Second step: stop by your favorite MedMen marijuana dispensary. Because no matter the product you choose to help your pet deal with pain, discomfort, or stress, rest assured that MedMen will be there to answer your questions to help you find the best.

A Journal of Cannabis and Culture
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