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November 15, 2018
The Amazing Benefits of Sativa and Indica

Whether you’re looking to kick that bout of insomnia or are eager to boost your creative powers, it’s hard to find a problem that cannabis can’t help with. And while there are countless factors that make the flower the wonderful item that is, we can look to two power players to say thanks to: sativa and indica.

Boost Your Creative Powers

By now you’re probably familiar with sativa and indica. Within the world of cannabinoids, terpenes, THC, and CBD, sativa and indica are two of the terms we’ve all come to know and love. Both cannabis strains are on the THC side of the spectrum, which means they both induce that state of high while also working their magic touch with the countless benefits that make up their pedigree.

We love both strains equally, and today is our day to give some extra love to the two with a roundup of the wonderful benefits each strain may bring.

First up? Indica. Known for its relaxing effects, indica strains may or may not be our ideal nightcap before heading off to bed. While we totally embrace each person’s individual usage preferences, indica would be our first choice when it comes to anything low key. Movie nights, chill social gatherings, and any other couch-centric happenings.

The Health Benefits of Indica

As the relaxation and calming strain that it is, indica is perfect for both mental and muscle relaxation. Extra sore from your workout? Need to decompress from a stressful week? Indica has got your back. Indica gets you that body high that makes it all that much harder to get off of the couch and increases dopamine, which brings on a wave of true peace.

The strain is also known to decrease nausea, help treat acute pain, reduce anxiety, help combat seizures, as well as aid in treating lupus and multiple sclerosis. That’s quite a list of benefits, but are we surprised? Not at all. It’s indica.

And then there is sativa with all its energizing power. Here are a few words we like to use when describing the effects of sativa: uplifting, invigorating, and elating. While indica might get you ready to catch some shut eye, sativa is the major favorite in the world of energy.

The Health Benefits of Sativa

Suffering from some writer’s block? Sativa revs up creativity and even sharpens focus, which makes it your not-so-secret weapon to help you get over that unseen hurdle. With sativa comes a boost in serotonin, which regulates learning, mood, sleep, anxiety, and appetite. It works to help combat chronic pain and can aid in easing and treating anxiety and depression. Some even enjoy a bit of sativa before physical activity—we love some pre-yoga sativa to get really into the om zone.

Whether it’s a few pieces of chocolate, a vape, or somewhere in between, the benefits of sativa and indica see no bounds. And with seemingly endless lists of wondrous effects, we’re just going to ask one more question: what are you waiting for? Shop MedMen and get the cannabis product of your choosing!

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