How a design revolution in canna-business is attracting new customers

November 21, 2017


Sleek, modern, design-forward—these are not words you would usually use to describe a cannabis dispensary, let alone the approach to canna-business. But marijuana has been given a makeover.

With recreational marijuana use legal in California, the topic of cannabis is slowly shaking away the stigma that it carried amongst the general public. You know, the whole idea that marijuana enthusiasts were just like Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High ? Well, Spicoli now has some new friends around. The world of weed is expanding, and the way we think about it—and look at it—is too.

As marijuana becomes more mainstream, the way it is positioned is changing to be viewed as an acceptable alternative to alcohol. Wine night with the ladies? Canna-business owners want you to switch out the pinot for a CBD infusion —or at least recognize that it’s completely acceptable to do so. A multitude of marketing companies have grown out of this shift towards marijuana, focused on targeting female audiences with messaging that’s more in line with the type of marketing present in fashion. Bottom line: it’s about creating awareness and understanding what your audience wants.

Messaging to new audiences is coupled with this design-centric push in terms of accessories and products. Weed can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways these days. From lotions and bath bombs to relax from your day to dose-controlled vaporizers and tasty edibles that will help get you in the zone, there’s a product for everyone. And that’s the point. Canna-businesses are striving to attract both female and male customers by creating products and accessories that not only appeal to their audience, but also continue to reshape the stigma.

From colorful, beautiful packaging with pristine labels to a piece pipe that is constructed from the highest quality brass in Sweden, weed accessories are taking on a whole new life. Utilizing modern shapes and forward-thinking designs, the way people enjoy and use marijuana is continuing to shift what’s familiar and fashionable.

But it doesn’t stop with products and messaging. In fact, that’s just the start. MedMen, a dispensary with locations in California and New York, has continued this design push by transforming the way people shop for weed.

Drawing inspiration from Apple Stores, MedMen strives to create a retail experience that is anything but ordinary. At MedMen, products are out in the open and visitors are encouraged to shop around and explore. It’s about creating a shopping experience that is familiar and transparent, especially for those new to the lifestyle.

MedMen dispensaries boast open floor plans with custom-built tables that display various products and cannabis strains. The brand even developed transparent containers for their flower—dubbed “bud pods”— that feature built-in magnifying glasses and windows through which shoppers can sniff the available strains. It’s an upscale marijuana retail experience that is helping change the way people view and experience the industry.

From the minimal, sleek interiors of dispensaries such as MedMen to the packaging and advertising of various cannabis products, the design has more than a toe-hold on the multi-billion dollar canna-business, and it’s only going to continue to get more innovative.

Be sure to check out MedMen to experience the design revolution in the world of weed yourself.

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