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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture

A Cannabis Lover’s Playlist for the Road Trip Ahead

A Cannabis Lover’s Playlist for the Road Trip Ahead


With the holidays on the horizon, travel plans for many of us are now underway. While some have no choice but to brave absurdly crowded airports and aggressive TSA lines to get from point A to point B, others will be opting for a road trip instead. A journey by land might seem less stressful than rushing to meet a connecting flight, but traffic-packed freeways are no walk in the park. You’re going to need a balm for your weary, road trip-traveled soul. Of course, you’ll have to wait until you’re off the road and chilling at your final destination to safely imbibe. But in the meantime, you can pass the hours with a little aural therapy, because what’s a road trip without a stellar music mix?

Don’t be suckered into a subpar pre-made Spotify playlist. Instead, rock out to some of our favorite stoner songs. There’s a little bit of everything—from ‘90s rap to The Beatles, and a bit of Toni Braxton thrown in for good measure. So fill up your tank, grab some snacks, and get ready for the long road ahead with these 21 marijuana musical tributes.

A Journal of Cannabis and Culture
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