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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture

Cannabis Date Night Ideas

Cannabis Date Night Ideas


If you and your partner are regular cannabis users, recreational marijuana date nights can be far more interesting than the usual dinner and a movie. Experiencing couple activities can simply be more fun when taking edibles or sharing a joint together. “It’s best when you’re sharing activities that don’t require too much talking,” says Kiana Reeves, Foria’s director of communications. “Movies, music, dancing, eating—anything where you can both tune in to the same aesthetic, sensual flow and relax.”

Because people use cannabis for relaxation, it can be also a good tool when trying to connect with a partner sexually. “Using cannabis topically in the bedroom is still a radical new concept for some folks, but the positive results are life-changing for so many women and couples,” says Reeves.

If you’re still new to cannabis, you might want to start off with something a little more mild than, say, an indica gummy. “We don’t advise experimenting with edibles, smoking, or vapes in a romantic situation unless you both are experienced with cannabis—and comfortable with each other,” says Reeves. Foria’s arousal oils, like Foria Pleasure and Foria Awaken, are enjoyable for couples who don’t use cannabis regularly because there’s little-to-no head high. And if you’re staying in for a Netflix marathon, a relaxing massage with a CBD topical might be just what a cannabis newbie couple needs.

Want to see the new Yayoi Kusama exhibit through a cannabis lens? A day date to the museum can even more stimulating after sharing some chocolates from Chill. Did your beau surprise you with tickets to your favorite band? Bring along your Bliss or Arouse dosist pens. Staying in to try a new dinner recipe? Why not split a hybrid pre-roll from Lowell Herb Co. in the kitchen?

Shop MedMen and find the best cannabis for date night.

A Journal of Cannabis and Culture
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