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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture

Meet Kush Queen’s Founder, Olivia Alexander

Meet Kush Queen’s Founder, Olivia Alexander


Cannabis skin care might very well be the hottest trend in the beauty industry right now, so it’s time to give credit where credit is due, and raise a CBD tincture to Kush Queen. Whether you take your self-care Sundays very seriously, or simply appreciate the joys of a good topical CBD product, Kush Queen’s goods deserve to be a must-buy whenever you’re popping by your local MedMen marijuana dispensary.

With a wide range of CBD products, including its signature bath bombs, pain relief topicals, and irresistible body scrubs, the cannabis beauty brand has been at the forefront of the CBD wellness movement ever since its 2015 launch. Founder and CEO Olivia Alexander talks to Ember about her own personal relationship to cannabis, the Kush Queen philosophy, and what’s coming next for the beloved brand. Get to know more about this innovative company and its trailblazing founder, ahead.

How would you describe your personal relationship to cannabis?

Over 12 years ago, I tried cannabis for the first time my first week of college. Shortly thereafter, my dad found cannabis in my car, of which he was extremely supportive. In fact, he wanted to know where I had gotten such good flower from! A few months later, I heard that some friends were opening a dispensary, and I got hired there. I worked as a budtender and really enjoyed it. I knew then cannabis was my destiny.

How did your cannabis connection continue evolving?

Since then, cannabis always been a part of my identity, and my personal wellness routine. I was diagnosed as bipolar as a teenager, and I spent many years trying to find stability with my emotions and coping with stress. Pharmaceutical [medications] were always weakening my immune system and leaving me sick. Worse, I accidentally got pregnant and was forced to have an abortion because the medication I was on was unsafe for pregnancy. That moment changed everything for me, and I really re-evaluated what I was putting in, and on, my body. I had always used cannabis with pharmaceuticals, but never considered that my cannabis was also a medicine. My relationship with cannabis will always be ever-changing, but I genuinely can’t imagine my life without it.

How did you come up with the concept for Kush Queen?

I owned a company called The Crystal Cult, which made Swarovski Crystal vape pens. I started the brand on Instagram, with only $700. Within months, we had tens of thousands of followers and a healthy business. I designed a vape for dry flower/wax concentrates called “Kush Queen.” It quickly became our number-one selling product. So many people would call the Cult and ask to buy cannabis from us. I realized that women really didn’t have much speaking to them in the cannabis market, or a brand they could belong to. I then spent a few years working for other cannabis companies, mainly doing social media and digital strategy. When you go behind the scenes, you realize the issues with the products and the issues with customers; overall, I just felt like I could make better products. It took some time, because everything was self-funded, but we created and formulated our products, starting with the bath bombs. I tried to approach it from that wellness perspective, and wanted to create products that would make cannabis more accessible and harness the true power of the plant. A lot of people think topicals are snake oil or that they don’t work, but I really believe they’re one of the best delivery methods. After all, skin is the biggest organ. I really just created products for myself that made my quality of life better, and helped me cope with my bipolar disorder. This brand is truly an expression of my experiences in products.

What sets Kush Queen apart from other CBD-infused brands?

There’s so much that makes Kush Queen different. We are truly a better cannabis brand! The first things that come to mind is that we are vegan, and we’re a self-funded startup. At Kush Queen, our products have given us an incredible platform to connect not only with our customers, but with our ever-changing world. Our philosophy is based on using our products and brand as a platform for change. We believe that change begins with ourselves and self-care. When you feel better, you can be a better person. We are dedicated to transparency, service, equality, and innovation. Our ingredients are top notch, and our Nano topicals use our patent-pending nano application to make our CBD truly absorbable. In our marketing, you will frequently see real ‘Queens,’ who work for the brand, or are our customers. We use our products to raise money for causes close to our hearts, and to bring attention to marginalized groups overlooked by the industry. Not being controlled by investors or shareholders allows me to run this brand on my own personal principles. I frequently wonder how many CEOs in cannabis actually use their products daily. Now, it’s more important than ever to have consciousness in capitalism. We’re a full expression of that.

For someone just getting into Kush Queen, what products should they start with?

Our Relieve Bath Bomb and MELT Pain Relief Lotion are my favorite go-to’s that blow away beginners. I love to take a long soak in the tub with Relieve, and then to lather up with Melt post-shower. I hold tension in my neck and my feet are constantly aching from long days, and these products are genuinely how I have gotten through 12-hour days for the last two years.

How do you use cannabis in your everyday life?

I use cannabis every single day. I normally start with my oral pure full spectrum CBD tincture in the morning with my coffee. In the afternoon, I’ll have a joint, then once I’m home, I normally shower with our Soaked shower gel. I love to apply MELT to my feet, neck, and back before bed.

What’s next for the brand?

In 2019, Kush Queen will be dropping some really exciting, first-of-their-kind products that will show people a different experience in beauty. We are really excited for the things to come!

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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture
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