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April 17, 2020
What Should I Buy This 420?

On any other year, you’d be celebrating 420 by hanging out with your friends and consuming in the sunshine, preferably at 4:20 p.m. But this year is different as we’re all doing our best to socially distance. Commemorate this holiday by using it as a time to take a moment for yourself. Unwind with a pre-roll or try a concentrate for maximum relaxation during these uncertain times. Maybe you want to pair this with a meditation appcatch up on a classic movie, or enjoy some delicious takeout. Regardless, think of it as a well-deserved break from everything.

Below, a few of our favorites to grab and enjoy. 

MedMen Red Tangie Dream Pre-Roll Pack: Worried about sativas causing you to be too in your head? This is the one for you then — fans love it for its euphoric, happy effect and added bonus: most don’t get munchies!

statemade zen pre-roll pack: Find a moment of calm with this relaxing pre-roll pack that has notes of earthy vanilla and moss.

Papa's Select Solventless Extract Dozizoz #5: This small batch concentrate is made from high-quality cannabis sourced from the world-famous Emerald Triangle. Dozizoz is a fan favorite for its happy, super relaxing, sleep-inducing effects.

Ember Valley Zookies Pre-Roll: With a scent like sweet nutty cookies plus hints of chocolate, coffee, pepper, and diesel, this hybrid strain is the perfect way to unwind.

CaliGreenGold La Rose Petal Infused Blunt: Want some flower with your flower? You can literally smoke these organic rose petals and they’ll give off a delicate floral scent that’ll enhance the terpenes in your bud.

Napalm Grenade: If you’re looking for something unique, then you’ll want to check back on Monday when this drops. Made with a hefty 7 grams of Wonderbrett’s beloved flower, infused Lift Tickets paper (for an added terpene-derived flavor boost!), and 1 gram of live resin, it’ll pack a big punch.

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