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November 19, 2018
Changing the View on Cannabis Products—Introducing [statemade]

How do you want to feel today? How will you enhance that pickup basketball game or find balance at the end of a long and demanding day?

We eat to sate our hunger. We drink to quell our thirst. The things we put in our bodies sustain us, but they also mend us and impact the way we feel: the pleasure of a great flavor, the warm rush of a distilled drink, the energizing jolt of a latte, or even the soothing relief of aspirin. We all seek to feel joy, to feel well and healthy.

For too long cannabis has been marginalized as a “drug.” It has been relegated to the shadows and seen through the single lens of law and order. Never mind that human beings have been using the cannabis plant for hundreds of years to feel joy, to feel well and healthy.

How do you want to feel today? How will you stay in the moment or find peaceful sleep?

Millions of Americans are discovering cannabis use for the first time; millions of others are rediscovering it. Thanks to the continuing liberalization of laws, approximately 60 percent of Americans now live in a state where pot is legal in some form. Full adult use is officially legal in nine states, as well as in Canada and Uruguay.

The plant hasn’t changed. Its benefits have not changed, but thanks to decades of stigmatization and a subculture that developed around cannabis, the average consumer may find it intimidating to explore what cannabis has to offer them.

How do you want to feel today? How will you heighten the joy of a loved one’s company or rid yourself of first-date jitters?

It’s time to see cannabis for what it really is: a wellness product. When used responsibly, it can help improve lives and augment everyday experiences. It can improve physical performance; it can provide a healthier substitute for alcohol and pharmaceutical painkillers and sleeping aids. And thanks to developments in recent years, products are more varied and accessible than ever.

Recently, MedMen launched its own product line [statemade] in Nevada. The plan is to launch [statemade] in every state where MedMen operates, including California, New York, and very soon Florida, Illinois, Arizona, and several others. Eventually, [statemade] will make its way to every state. Made in your state for your desired state of mind.

The launch of [statemade] is significant in many ways. The product line was designed from the ground up, without any preconceptions about marijuana or marijuana users. It started with a desire to treat pot like a wellness product and to focus on what consumers want and need. It is both class-defining and a sign of the times.

Take the [statemade] vape pen, for example. Its unique aesthetics are reminiscent of a piece of jewelry. It was developed with the latest in technology, including a custom calibrated heat coil that optimizes vaporization for each of the seven effects: max, joy, zen, ebb, zzz, one, and cbd.

The attention to detail, no matter how small, is the direct result of placing the consumer’s needs at the center. A light port lets you know the pen’s active when you inhale, a reservoir window lets you know how full the pen is, and the square edges keep it from rolling off when you set it up on a table.

[statemade] is possible today because of the fast-growing acceptance of cannabis in our broader culture, but it also seeks to define the conversation moving forward.

So, how do you want to feel today?

Andrew Modlin is founder and editor of EMBER and president and co-founder of MedMen.

Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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