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January 11, 2019
Getting to Know [statemade] joy


Ever felt overwhelmed by choices when it comes to cannabis consumption, thus wishing for a highly specific, practically bespoke option at your fingertips? MedMen’s very own effects-based line, [statemade], just might be the solution to your current state of cannabis confusion: [statemade] offers seven different effects to choose from, whether you want to catch some zzz’s, or get blissed out. This week, we’re getting to know: joy.

MedMen's [statemade] joy - Great For Happiness

One of the best benefits of cannabis is its ability to help us feel blissful, especially when the situation calls for a much-necessary mood lifter. Had a particularly tough day at work, or just want to start the day off with some positive vibes? The right kind of strain can help, but why not take it further with a customized effect from MedMen’s [statemade] line?

joy is the [statemade] answer for a truly happy high. With flavors of berry and cloves, bliss can help you achieve the euphoria you seek. A winning combination of THC and terpenes like the anxiety-fighting caryophyllene, the mood-lifting limonene, and the stimulating pinene will help you wave goodbye to a bad day.

[statemade] is currently only available at MedMen marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas, and will be coming to other states in 2019.

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