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June 25, 2019
Kim Huffman, Hospitality Lead at MedMen Venice

Kim Huffman knew it was time to branch out from her career as a hairdresser when she realized she was trying to sell her clients on cannabis products instead of haircare products. “While I was doing their hair I would say, ‘Honestly, you have a stiff neck. You need to get that CBD cream.’” The transition to becoming a Hospitality Lead at MedMen on Lincoln Blvd. in Venice Beach in October 2018 was made easier by the fact that a lot of her former clients now shop at her store.

The feeling of helping consumers discover products that change their lives inspires Kim every day. A recent shopper who came in looking for something for his anxiety said she answered a question about cannabis that he’s had for over 20 years – something she says reminded her that we’re not just selling products, but we’re offering an experience.

Kim says she is happy to share her enthusiasm for cannabis with customers on a daily basis, but that it’s MedMen’s efforts with charities and non-profits that makes her most proud to work for the Company. She recently participated in a Red Cross initiative that was fully supported by her supervisors, adding that “the amount of community service that we’re doing is beautiful and I find that no one else is really doing that yet.”

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