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January 30, 2020
Ask a Cannasseur: What Are Wellness Favorites?


Welcome to Ask a Cannasseur, our monthly column where we ask our helpful MedMen hospitality associates for expert picks.

Meet Alex Karoian, a MedMen Hospitality Associate who has been working at our downtown Los Angeles location since last October. Alex is originally from France, where cannabis isn’t legal, so he appreciates California’s culture surrounding the plant as well as the advances he gets to see firsthand. “Working here I get to understand how everything works from the way concentrates are made to how products can have different effects,” Alex says. “We get a lot of training, and industry veterans are always teaching us new things. Every day I come into work, I learn something new.” 

Ahead, Alex talks to us about his current in-store favorites made for wellness. From the best post-workout bud to the microdose tabs that he’ll use when he doesn’t want to drink alcohol, these are his top five expert picks. Read on for more.

Alien Labs Baklava

I like this flower for after a workout, when your body’s sore. I’ve also noticed it helps with stress and insomnia. It’s super relaxing, so I recommend it before bed. The packaging is also unique: It’s completely dark to protect the bud from sunlight so it’ll keep longer.

Connected Cannabis Co. Gelonade

Another flower I’m into is Connected Cannabis’ Gelonade which won the Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa Flower in 2018. It’s a sativa that helps you focus without getting you too wired or lost in your thoughts. I recommend it because you’re still able to socialize if you’re going out with friends and don’t feel like drinking. Because it’s a mix of two strains, Gelato and Lemon Tree, it tastes really good — I find it sweet, more like candy, although the smell is citrusy and lemon-like. 

Protab Sativa Oral Tablet

These tabs give you good energy and makes you outgoing and talkative. So if you’re looking for something you can use when you’re out with friends and don’t feel like drinking, I would recommend trying them. They’re flavorless, unlike other edibles such as mints, and come in a tiny box so you can slip them into your pocket. Pro tip: Chew on them instead of swallowing, so they get activated faster. 

Pure Beauty Black Domina

A heavy indica with a distinct pungent smell, this flower knocks you out at night. It’s good for someone who has issues falling asleep. I smoked one last night, and within half an hour, I was ready for bed. 

Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm 1:3 

For people who have joint issues or arthritis, I advise them to mix it with their own lotion and incorporate it into their daily routine. You don’t have to use a lot — it’s all in how you apply the product so you’ll want to massage it well into the skin and let it absorb. I work out a lot, so whenever my muscles are sore I rub it on right away to numb the pain.

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