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March 09, 2019
State of the Art


Photography by PAUL SALVESON


Designed in California and sustainably made in your state, MedMen’s groundbreaking new line of pens, flower, pre-rolls, and tinctures allows you to achieve whatever state of mind you desire.

Introducing [statemade].

Not long ago, cannabis consumption pretty much culminated in two possible scenarios: a buzzy, energetic high, or a sedative, couch-lock euphoria. True, we can still enjoy these vastly different experiences thanks to marijuana, but the evolution of the cannabis industry has enabled so much more than that binary outcome. For starters, there’s a breadth of newfound knowledge about terpenes, the essential oils present in every cannabis plant, each of which has its own unique menu of mental and physical benefits. Thanks to “the Entourage Effect,” these terpenes join forces with each other, cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and the endocannabinoids already in our bodies to create an entirely new set of positive outcomes.

Cannabis for Every Occasion

The synergistic quality of cannabis has allowed for the creation of products with highly specific physical and mental effects that facilitate a wide variety of experiences. Do you need something to help you get a good night’s sleep? Want to feel calmer, but not get high? With [statemade], MedMen’s effect-based product series, you’re able to walk into a MedMen dispensary and find exactly what you need to suit your mood—without having to worry about remembering a specific cannabis strain. “Everything we do is informed by the fact that cannabis is a wellness product, and we are here to help the modern cannabis consumer navigate what is a new space for them,” explains Andrew Modlin, MedMen co-founder. “Ultimately, when people buy a product, they want to know what it does for them; they are less interested in some esoteric strain name.” In other words, simply ask yourself what you need to feel your best, and [statemade] will take care of the rest.

MedMen [statemade] Marijuana Products

The series, which features seven different effects called max, joy, zen, ebb, zzz, one, and CBD, can be consumed in your preferred method, whether it’s by pen, tincture, ground flower, or pre-roll.


If the holy grail of your cannabis journey is to find inner peace, zen is the [statemade] effect you need to embrace. With its earthy, mosslike scent, hints of vanilla, and the relaxing terpene linalool, the indica-dominant strain should relax your mind, body, and soul.


Are you one of the millions of Americans who need better sleep? Thankfully, cannabis—and particularly, the zzz effect from [statemade]—can help ensure a restful slumber. With an absence of CBD and only sleep-inducing THC in its formula, plus terpenes like the sedating terpinolene and myrcene, you’ll finally experience a good night’s rest.


Feeling distinctly Eeyore-esque, with a bout of glumness that just won’t dissipate? The berry and clove-infused [statemade] joy is mapped to sativa-dominant strains and contains limonene, which can help elevate mood, as well as the sadness-fighting terpene caryophyllene. This joy will no doubt lift your spirits on the days you need it the most.


Feeling like the Goldilocks of cannabis and in need of something just right? [statemade] one could be the antidote. It contains equal amounts of THC and CBD, making it a great choice for those who are looking for a little balance in their lives.


Let's face it—there will be days when you need something that can help with a variety of scenarios, whether you’re in back-to-back morning meetings, or feeling pretty laid-back and serene come afternoon. Mapped to hybrid strains, ebb is the [statemade] answer to rolling with the punches. Terpenes like limonene, which can assist with concentration, and the ultra-relaxing myrcene give ebb its flexible character.


For someone who is not at all interested in a psychoactive effect but still desires the mental and physical benefits of cannabis, it's all about CBD and the [statemade] effect of the same name. This [statemade] variety can assist with a slew of issues, from physical pain to stress and anxiety.


For days when you need a boost of energy for a big workout, reach for max. This [statemade] effect, which is mapped to sativa strains, will hit you with cheery notes of citrus and pine. Its inclusion of the lively terpene pinene will bring you all the strength you need.

Read more in our newest issue of EMBER magazine. Available at MedMen locations and Barnes and Noble.

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