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May 01, 2019
Summer Pot Top 5

TEXT BY: Pauline Kale
REVIEWS BY: EMBER Cannabis Critics


Rating: Uplifting, Long-lasting

What starts as a light body tingle transforms into waves of euphoria, culminating in a gorgeous, full-body high. Time becomes irrelevant. Whatever you were going to do is probably not going to happen. This indica-dominant hybrid is insanely sticky, emitting a musky scent of pine. One reviewer said, “The nug is the consistency of Lucky Charms if they decomposed like Sonic ice,” and I am not sure what that means. Another wrote, “I had a great time smoking this after work on Friday night and going to bed immediately; I smoked it again the next morning before pancakes and a full active day—the perfect burn for up or down!” Emits a ferny aroma and a little sweetness on the tongue. Cultivator: Cannabis Brothers.


Rating: Mellow, Contemplative, Long-lasting

Who wouldn’t want time to slow and an invitation to notice the loveliness of the natural world? Sunset Fig offers a pause from thinking and planning and grifting and plotting. One reviewer felt “warm and fuzzy,” another like he was “inside of a diamond Spirograph.” The purple bud has a bitter or peppery taste; this is a good one to place in the bowl of a bong. Can be used as a mild sedative—one that can lead to realizations in metaphor like: in the plant world, freesia is the brightly dressed lady whose perfume enters the room before she does, drawing glances from more subtle beauties. Cultivator: Fig Farms.


Rating: Mellow, Up-lifting

Lord! How we judge ourselves when straight. This strain with a mild cheese smell and fruity taste will mellow you and your judgmental nature but not make you drowsy. Calming yet uplifting, it provides a gentle, slow-moving high, at first relaxing your thoughts, then moving down through your body until it eventually reaches your toes, just like an intricate relaxation exercise. It is also possible to concentrate and read or write. Cultivator: Fig Farms.


Rating: Mellow, Uplifting, Social

If a strain can be described as companionable, it's this indica-leaning and yet perfectly balanced hybrid. This is a slow escalator to a happier place. You may hear a slight humming, may not be exactly clear-headed but will remain pleasantly alert. Grape Pie produces a relaxed and cheerful vibe and has a look to match—its bud is deep purple and orange and contains a scent of pine and citrus. One user reported a total lack of social anxiety. Cultivator: NEWSZN.


Rating: Mellow, Pain-relieving, Long-lasting

Put yourself at the mercy of a great piece of comedy on TV or film, and you will be swingin’ on a hammock with no need for an actual hammock. I’d read somewhere that this indica-dominant hybrid is good for pain, but I wasn’t expecting to be carried away on a pleasant caramel cloud. This bright green strain smells herbal and spicy, smokes fruity, and is best enjoyed lying down. I was pretty sure that any physical action I might take would be ungraceful at best, and possibly a slapstick disaster. Slip into sleep like a warm bath, wake eight hours later, and your psyche won’t make you pay for it. Cultivator: Cannabis Brothers.

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