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December 18, 2019
Hey Florida, Stuff Your Own Stocking With These Gift Ideas


Photograph by Jude Beck/UnsplashMARIE LODI

stocking stuffers and you’ll see lots of ideas -- most of them not very exciting. Hair ties and charging cables? The 2019 version of a lump of coal. Sneak in a little something that you want on Christmas Day in the form of a cannabis treat. Be it a pre-roll, lotion or pen, here are some gifts for yourself that you can pick up in our Florida stores.

MedMen Pink Flamingo Pre-Roll

Need something that will help you focus and bring energy? Grab a sativa pre-roll, like the Pink Flamingo strain from MedMen’s line. 

LuxLyte Spray CBD 1:0 

Bad posture, stress, and weird sleeping positions are just a few reasons you can’t seem to loosen that knot on the back of your neck. Spritz some of this topical pain spray on your sore spots, which is packed with soothing menthol for extra cool relief.

[statemade] joy pen

You won’t have to worry about winter gloom getting you down if you keep joy in tow. A couple puffs and all of your tension will melt away.

MedMen Indica Dominant Cartridge

Give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep. A few puffs and you’ll drift off in no time.

[statemade] zzz drops

Not into vaping? Try these drops instead to help you relax and get some much needed shut eye.

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