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September 20, 2019
How to Elevate A Regular Pedicure With CBD


With so many CBD topicals currently on the market, people are getting really creative with how they use them. Not only can you enjoy a CBD bath bomb at home or slather on a blob of CBD lotion before going to sleep—there’s actually a place in L.A. where you can experience a CBD pedicure. Pedicures are already a very relaxing way to treat yourself, but add CBD to the mix, and it gets even better, especially if your feet are tired after a long week, or you’ve just finished a hike and are looking for a way to relieve tense muscles.

Kush Queen, one of the myriad cannabis and CBD brands stocked at MedMen, is among the first to whip up a CBD-themed pedicure. The brand first teamed up in 2017 with nail salon Bellacures, which has locations throughout L.A., to ingeniously meld the healing benefits of CBD with the mellowing experience of a pedicure. The result? The Canna-Cure Pedicure.

Curious about what to expect with a CBD pedicure? Ahead, a thorough rundown of the incredibly pampering experience.

Before the pedicure begins, you’re handed a delicious 20mg CBD chocolate to help chill you out for the treatment. The tasty treat is a nice touch, allowing you to experience CBD both via ingesting and topical application.

Then, as with a regular pedicure, you soak your toes in the foot tub, with a brilliant upgrade: an organic Kush Queen CBD bath bomb dropped into the water. Because Kush Queen also includes soothing essential oils in its bath bombs, you’ll get all those skin-nourishing benefits, while the presence of CBD helps soothe any aching muscles.

Next up is Kush Queen’s CBD sugar scrub, which includes even more hydrating essential oils, like lavender, jojoba, and rosehip oil, plus moisturizing shea butter. If your legs or feet have been feeling dry or flaky, this incredible scrub will slough off any dead skin.

Finally, the last CBD portion of the pedicure (before you get to the actual polish part) features Kush Queen’s Melt CBD lotion, which feels amazing when it’s massaged into the calves and feet. Melt was specifically created for pain relief, and includes soothing menthol alongside a blend of 20 essential oils. It is a game-changer.

Ready to try a CBD pedicure for yourself? You can book the service at Bellacures for $65. If you want to try recreating the service at home, make sure to stop by your nearest MedMen retailer and pick up some Kush Queen products for yourself.

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