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February 03, 2020
2020 Oscars: What Products to Pair with This Year’s Most Celebrated Films


From the wealthy neighborhoods of Seoul to the trenches of World War I to the streets of Nazi-occupied Germany, this year’s Academy Award-nominated films will take the viewer on a wild ride through space and time. Some of their central characters are ones we’ve met before in classic novels (Little Women!), comic books (Joker!) and history texts alike (Ford vs Ferrari! Irishman!). Others are singular and imaginative (or in the case of Jojo Rabbit literally imaginary). If you’re catching up on the movies you missed or hosting a few friends over for an Oscar-movie marathon, why not add some cannabis into the mix for a fun night? Read on for our suggested pairings.

If you want to embrace the nostalgia of Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood: Pure Beauty Cannabis Cigarettes 

From the Playboy Mansion to the old theaters of Westwood, this Tarantino film captures the spirit of the 60s. What better way to immerse yourself in this iconic decade than a good old fashioned cigarette with a twist? Pure Beauty’s version smokes super smoothly and will leave you feeling energized, uplifted and a little bit aroused.

If you’re ready to geek out over 1917: Animal Face by Fig Farms

Critics love the larger than life cinematography in this World War I epic and it’s a front-runner for Best Picture. Try a stimulating sativa like Animal Face to enhance the viewing experience and keep you totally invested in the action.

If you want to sob over Marriage Story: Soothe 1:1 THC:CBD Disposable Sunday Goods

The movie is notorious for being a tear jerker so you’ll need something to soothe the tears like this aptly named vape pen. 

If Ford v Ferrari sounds like your speed: Super Skunk Pre-Roll by Packwoods

This energizing pre-roll will have you hooting and hollering alongside this historic race. Round up your boys, crank your subwoofer, and enjoy!

If you want to dive deeper into Joker’s world: Hybrid Pomegranate 1:1 Gummies

This creepy take on Batman’s arch nemesis will leave you feeling bent out of shape. To keep you focused and calm throughout this anxiety-inducing film, try a nice soothing CBD-rich gummy. 

If you are strapping in for the whirlwind that is Parasite: Goji Berries OG F/ELD pen

This thought-provoking thriller from director Bong Joon-ho is unlike its competitors. As the tension steadily builds, you’ll want something like this Goji-flavored vape to help you relax and appreciate this artful commentary on class and modern society. 

If The Irishman was your mob film fantasy: Valy Cali Farms Maui Wowie

With a runtime just under four hours, you’ll want something that can keep you energized through all the mob madness. This euphoric strain is ideal for a long haul.

If you’re a longtime Little Women fan: Alien Labs Sherbacio

For anyone looking for a satisfying cathartic cry, watch Greta Gerwig's brilliant adaptation of Little Women. The Sherbacio strain has been noted to turn sad moments into happy ones which pairs beautifully with this heartwarming story of domestic strife and sisterly love. Break out your bong and have tissues on hand. 

If you loved the wild and interesting world of Jojo Rabbit: Sundae School CBD Kickback Bullets

Imaginary friends, propaganda, and Nazi germany all in one clever film? You’ll want to break out these unique CBD bullets. They will leave you feeling relaxed and focused as this one-of-a-kind story unfolds before your eyes. 

Products vary by state. Ask your local MedMen hospitality associate for more information.

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