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June 20, 2019
A Guide To Cannabis Strains and Movie Pairings


When you’re a cannabis enthusiast, getting stoned and watching a movie is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Depending on your strain of choice, however, it shouldn’t be just any old flick—a movie marathon ought to be mindfully curated. After all, you probably don’t want to smoke a super strong sativa strain and run the risk of feeling ultra-paranoid while watching an intense horror movie. (Then again, some people are into that sort of thing—no judgment here, of course.)

Another factor to keep in mind when planning the perfect cannabis-fueled movie marathon? Consider shaking things up in terms of genre. No need to pull out the stoner movie classics for every hit, although they’re always a good time. From underground cult favorites to bona fide classics, any number of films can pair well with a carefully curated strain. Let us remove the guess work for you.

Cannabis Strains and Movie Pairings

Ahead, six recommendations for cannabis strain and move pairings.

Donnie Darko and Strawberry Cough
There’s nothing like watching a trippy movie while being equally tripped out yourself. Donnie Darko is a good choice for a flick that will make you think without necessarily freaking you out (at least not too much—Frank the bunny is a real wildcard). Strawberry Cough is a cerebral sativa strain that will get you pondering the mysteries of fate and destiny—and possibly time travel, as well.

The Warriors and Girl Scout Cookies
Hey Warriors, come out to play...This classic doesn’t require a lot of deep thinking. You’ll enjoy being transported to New York in the ‘70s, imagining yourself as one of the Warriors as they fight their way back to Coney Island. Pick up a strong, extremely chill strain, like GSC, sit back and enjoy the unique sights and sounds of Walter Hill’s classic, and forget about everything else.

Clueless and Chemdawg
If you’re a fan of the ‘90s teen movie genre, you’ve more than likely seen Clueless a dozen or so times. Which means you’re probably cool with a strain that may end up distracting you from Cher Horowitz and her Beverly Hills hijinks and chatty commentary in favor of your own personal hijinks and chatty commentary. For pure, unadulterated glee, pick up a strain like Chemdawg, an indica hybrid with a high THC content that will no doubt bring on a good, laughter-induced time.

The Matrix and Kookies
Remember that famous Matrix bullet-dodging scene? Watching it while you’re stoned will take you back to a time when special effects were a true game-changer. And now that it’s officially Keanu Reeves season (seriously, make sure to queue up Always Be My Maybe at some point during your watch party), there’s no better title to revisit this sci-fi masterpiece. Reach for an indica-dominant hybrid—something like Kookies—and you’ll be zoned out in no time, astral projecting into the mind of Neo.

Amelie and Ghost OG
This might seem like an odd choice since Amelie is a French film, meaning—unless you happen to speak the language— that you’ll have to deal with subtitles, which is probably not the most ideal activity when you’re stoned. That said, the colorful imagery and whimsical plot will pair well with a heavy indica like Ghost OG. You won’t mind being glued to the couch and watching this movie in total bliss. Possible alternatives if you just can’t with the subtitles: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Drive and Black Jack
Let’s admit it: this film is really underrated. The visuals are so cool that you almost feel like you’re riding shotgun in Ryan Gosling’s car, speeding throughout the seedy stretches of Los Angeles that you just never see in the movies and bumping the soundtrack, a synth-heavy, retro-futuristic masterpiece orchestrated by Cliff Martinez. Reach for a potent hybrid strain like Black Jack that will allow you to chill, space out, and enjoy the visuals, the music, and all those insane moments that always seem to catch us off guard. (If you know, you know.)

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