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August 05, 2019
Eight Great Cannabis Podcasts to Check Out


The folks working at your local MedMen are great sources of information. They can tell you about the latest and greatest strains and products, and keep you up to date on everything that’s happening in the cannabis industry at large. However, a budtender’s time is limited and so is yours; in addition to using EMBER to enlighten yourself on all sorts of weed-related intel, we’ve rounded up eight excellent podcasts about cannabis. The following essential listens address everything you’d want to know about cannabis: the nuances of growth and cultivation; how to make your own edibles at home; what’s true and not-so-true about the plant’s history; and the often underexplored sociocultural aspect—an episode of one of these podcasts explores whether people actually are funnier when they’re high.

Best Cannabis Podcasts

CannaInsider: Hosted by Matthew Kind, CannaInsider is a weekly podcast that features interviews with business leaders in the cannabis industry. This is perfect for a budding entrepreneur who wants to break into the space or for someone interested in learning how cannabis became an attractive industry for venture capitalists, veterans,and the guy you thought would never move out of his mom’s basement.

Great Moments in Weed History: For the history buffs out there, Great Moments in Weed History with Abdullah & Bean is a weekly show that examines our more than 10,000-year history with cannabis. Each episode highlights a “weed hero," some of whom are obvious choices—Willie Nelson, for example—while may surprise you, like Maya Angelou and Jesus. Hosts Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock both previously worked on the James Beard Award-nominated show,Bong Appetit.

High Friends: Gill Polard and Rachel Colic created this podcast so that women could have a voice in the industry. As they put it, it’s “a podcast for women who love cannabis.” Both women work in cannabis marketing and brand strategy, and they have their own projects: Gill publishes The Her(B) Life, a print and online celebration of women’s experience with cannabis; Rachel created Eves of Eden, which sells products meant to enhance the female cannabis experience. The podcast features interviews with other women in the industry, from city government employees to photographers and aquaponics growers.

Getting Doug with High: Doug Benson, the standup comic best known for his other podcasts, “Doug Loves Movies” and “Super High Me,” hosts this weekly show where he and his guestsget high and see where the conversation takes them. If this sounds like it lacks a crucial visual component (most of his guests are fairly famous, after all), you can catch the live tapings on YouTube. He’s interviewed Promise of the Real singer and guitarist,Lukas Nelson (son of Willie, naturally), as well as fellow comedians,Tiffany Haddish, Eric André, Sarah Silverman, and the cast of Trailer Park Boys.

Casually Baked: The Potcast: This is the podcast for the “canna-curious.” Host Johanna Nuding talks about how to use cannabis functionally and as a tool to improve overall wellness. The show, which was included in the 100 Outstanding Podcasts of 2018 by the Bello Collective, includes episodes on cannabis karaoke, CBD skin care, and how Johanna has used cannabis as a tool for personal growth. She keeps it raw,but relatable,on each episode.

Dude Grows Show: It’s all in the name. This podcast, hosted by The Dude and Scotty Real, focuses on indoor and outdoor cannabis growing. The show’s hosts are based in Colorado,but their lessons can be applied anywhere. They’ll help you understand a home grower’s rights, weed in the workplace, state laws, proper lighting for indoor grow houses, and how to approach mildew on leaves. The hosts of the Dude Grows Show manage to fill their high-level conversations with humor and more lighthearted topics in between the technical aspects of growing cannabis.

Brave New Weed: Joe Dolce and Matthew Hendershot host this podcast,in which all the myths and taboos surrounding weed are debunked. Each episode serves as an introduction to the many people working to make cannabis as routine a part of our days as food and water. Their objective is to showcase cannabis culture’s normalcy through interviews with influential politicians, scientists, growers, lawyers, distributors, and craftspeople. Recent episodes include conversations around women’s health, eldercare, and small business owners.

Weed + Grub: Weed + Grub isn’t necessarily about the munchies, though hosts, Mary Jane and Mike Glazer, do snack throughout the comedic show. This clever podcast winds through personal stories from guests (one episode is about a person who lived in a haunted house), musical interludes, and standing out in a competitive cannabis market. You’ll laugh, learn, and probably eat your way through Weed + Grub.

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