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September 16, 2020
What to Catch Up On Before The Emmys This Sunday


Photo courtesy of HBO

The Emmys aren’t quite the same this year — like all other things, they’re going to be virtual. Will it be like the MTV Video Music Awards with a “red carpet” and pre-taped performances? Maybe. Will it be everyone in their best, stylist-approved looks, Zoom-ing from the waist up from their homes? Probably. Regardless, this Sunday’s award show will have TV maniacs glued, in hopes of seeing the shows they stanned all year get the love they deserve. 

The nominated bunch is full of great shows from the timely Watchmen, which is sure to win a ton of awards, to the brilliant Succession (another front-runner!), to the hysterical Schitt’s Creek. Not caught up yet? Well, here are 6 of our favorite Emmy-nominated shows you should be watching. And of course, we have some cannabis pairings to make things more interesting. Happy binging! 

The Show: Insecure 

Where to Find It: HBO 

Why Watch: Insecure has become one of TV’s top shows since it burst on the scene in 2016. With beautiful cinematography, smart character dynamics, stylish outfits, and the most Shazam-able soundtrack on TV, it’s a fun watch. Created by Issa Rae, it follows her character and her friends in South-Central LA as they make their way through some major life changes and choices.  

The Pairing: Selfies Pineapple Burst Infused Minis 

Split this two-pack with your watch buddy before the show starts to truly enjoy all the little moments. These sativa-leaning crumble infused pre-rolls will keep you focused and laughing up a storm. These joints are only available at MedMen for a limited time. 

The Show: The Good Place  

Where to Find It: NBC

Why Watch: Maybe the most beloved sitcom of the past few years, The Good Place is the light, binge-able replacement for Parks and Rec that you have been craving. Made by the same creative team, it’s a smart commentary on what the afterlife could look like and the philosophy behind what truly makes a person ‘good’. 

Pairing: Raw Garden Beary Lemonade Cartridge 

This live-resin cartridge from Raw Garden will help you spot all the clever puns and Easter eggs that the show is known for — and possibly make them even funnier.

The Show: Watchmen

Where to Find It: HBO

Why Watch: Critics across the board say Watchmen is the best show of 2020. This groundbreaking show delivers a hard and honest look at current social issues, all through the lens of a superhero story. Regina King delivers a career-defining performance in Damon Lindelof’s reimagining of an iconic graphic novel. 

The Pairing: Heavy Hitters Strawberry Hybrid Gummies 

Sit back and relax as this delicious gummy creates the optimal environment to enjoy this show. At 10mg per dose, it’s the ideal strength to have your mind blown by this awe-inspiring show. 

The Show: Schitt’s Creek 

Where to Find It: Netflix / PopTV

Why Watch:  This sleeper hit of a sitcom, now in its sixth and final season, broke through to mainstream awareness this year. Schitt’s Creek is a funny, honest, and wholesome comedy show you must binge. The Canadian sitcom follows the Rose family as they go from extremely wealthy to living down and out, in the motel of a rural town (spoiler alert: they own the town). Even when the characters are saying the most absurd things about money and privilege, it’s charmingly self aware.

The Pairing: [statemade] ebb flower 

Get that sunk-in-the-couch feeling to truly enjoy Schitt’s Creek with some indica-leaning flower from our house brand [statemade]. Ebb’s ability to take you from rushed to relaxed will ensure you are ready for all of Moira’s wigs (you’ll know what I mean soon). 

The Show: What We Do in the Shadows  

Where to Find It: FX  

Why Watch: Hot take: What We Do in the Shadows is the best new comedy out there right now and the Television Academy seems to agree. This made-for-TV version of Taika Waititi’s 2016 film takes a mockumentary look at the mundane daily lives of vampires. Yes, a show about vampires could win multiple Emmys — 2020, anything can happen!

Pairing: Cannabiotix L’Orange Pre-Roll

Go crazy with this joy-inducing .75g gram pre-roll from the premium flower brand Cannabiotix. Made to drive laughter and euphoria, it’ll put you in the right mindset to absorb the absurdity of this incredible show. 

The Show: Succession 

Where to Find It: HBO 

Why Watch: HBO has found its Game of Thrones replacement with a family of media billionaires as they wade their way through never-ending conflict. Succession is fast-paced, packed with endless Veep-like creative insults, and full of scheming characters. It demands a focused viewer, not just to catch all the jokes, but to never miss that small head nod or quick moment that affects an entire season. 

Pairing: Connected Labs Sugar Cone Live Resin Disposable 

This new live resin pen has the alertness and stimulation of a sativa, with just enough indica properties to make sure you aren’t literally at the edge of your seat throughout a tense episode. 

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