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May 07, 2019
Flower and Flowers

TEXT BY: Callie Siskel

Under spring flowers, suspended upside down from the beamed ceiling of Festoon, a women-owned event space between Culver City and Venice, seven working mothers and friends ushered in Mother’s Day early with a cannabis-infused brunch. The centerpiece set the tone for the gathering: a celebration of how cannabis culture is upending old stereotypes, especially when it comes to motherhood.

In the space’s pastel-pink kitchen, guests served themselves cannabis tea, seasonal tartines and salads, and date-and-cannabis-chocolate cookies, provided by Whoa Nelly catering. The event came as a welcome surprise—food photographer Julie Lee recounted her reaction to the invitation: “Am I reading this right? Is this happening?”

As a longtime proponent of cannabis, Lee appreciates how health is becoming a major part of the narrative. So does Jillian Clark, cofounder of Festoon, who in particular finds the mental health applications of THC and CBD to be ideally suited for mothers, especially those who have suffered from postpartum depression. “Having a natural outlet for that is important,” she said.

Kristina Meltzer, who started Festoon with Clark and another partner, remembers the moment she learned about the prevalence of cannabis usage among moms. “At a dinner in Venice, a woman arrived with a [vape] pen in a beautifully decorated bag,” she said, “and the entire conversation for the rest of the night was around when and how people were using cannabis, and that’s when I was like, oh my god, I’m trying to do this the old-fashioned way.”

For Meltzer, that meant taking the edge off of a long day with a glass of wine. That night, she remembers leaving dinner with much more curiosity about a controlled cannabis experience. Now, it’s Meltzer who’s fostering the conversation about motherhood and cannabis—in an event space that is, among other things, a blank canvas for new ways of thinking.

With two MedMen stores a mile apart in Venice, local moms appreciate the ease of the cannabis retail experience. Not only does the prevalence of these stores make it easy to learn about and acquire products, but the public nature of their presence also allows for cannabis usage to be integrated into daily life.

Photographer and mother Nicki Sebastian appreciates “the science of it all.” Knowing exactly what she’s consuming helps her to tailor the product to her mood and especially to the time of day. A fan of dosist pens, Sebastian recommends the effects calm for daytime and bliss or passion after the kids have gone to bed.

In their goody bags, guests received a sampling of Kikoko cannabis-infused herbal tea, ranging from medium-high-THC hibiscus cardamom rose to low-THC chamomile with lemon myrtle and valerian root. Several women pointed out that, unlike alcohol, cannabis comes with no hangover. For tea enthusiasts, it might be time to swap that hot toddy for a “Tranquili-Tea.”

Whether it’s a CBD-oil-infused massage, cannabis chocolate (like the Satori cannabis-infused dark-chocolate strawberries in the goody bags), or a bath bomb (try Kush Queen Awaken), cannabis can be integrated into self-care—and also (hint) makes for a great Mother’s Day gift.

Along with sublingual drops and CBD gummies, guests received CBD soft gels from Care By Design—healing capsules made with organic coconut oil and varying ratios of CBD to THC. Sebastian credits CBD specifically with paving the way for cannabis normalization.

Many of the mothers mentioned the appeal of dosist pens’ vibration feature, which alerts users after they’ve vaped a single preset dose. The feature, symbolic of an overall trend toward being able to quantify and control one’s cannabis consumption, is especially appreciated by mothers, who are always on call, especially during the middle of the night.

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