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January 23, 2020
The Grammys 2020: Cannabis to Pair With Your Most Anticipated Performance


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This year’s Grammy Awards, airing on Sunday, is full of historic firsts. Rosalía, one of the year’s biggest breakouts, is the first Best New Artist nominee to sing almost entirely in Spanish. Lizzo, everyone’s favorite, is getting recognized with a whopping eight nominations. Lil Nas X got his very first Record of the Year nomination for the internet sensation that was “Old Town Road” (which will certainly worm its way back into all our heads before the night is up). And for rock-and-roll fans, Aerosmith will be honored. 

Whether you are throwing a very social viewing party with friends or opting for a quiet evening on the couch, here’s your guide to the best MedMen products to pair with some of the night’s biggest performances:

If You’re Ready to Dance to Lizzo: Cann Social Tonic

Everyone’s favorite feel good artist coined “blame it on my juice”— so what better choice than a dosed beverage? In flavors like blood orange cardamon, lemon lavender, and grapefruit rosemary, it tastes like your favorite fruit infused seltzer and will chill you out.

If You’re a Longtime Aerosmith Fan: Orange Peels by Ember Valley

Old school rock-and-roll means it’s time to pack a bowl. Look no further than a satisfying sativa strain like Orange Peels with an uplifting high that will have you singing along to “Dream On”.

If You’re Hyped for the Tyler, the Creator: [statemade] zen single pre-roll

Igor is up for Best Rap Album so chances are he’ll be performing “Earfquake”, the mellow song you still find yourself nodding along to. For something energetic but still relaxed, try this hybrid pre-roll.

If You’re Excited for Ariana Grande: WYLD Sativa Raspberry Gummies

There is nothing like an Ari track to make you toss your (real or imaginary) ponytail and you need something equally as energetic. These raspberry-flavored gummies offer a euphoric high that is sure to take “Thank U Next” to entirely new heights. 

If You’re Rooting for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s Love Match: Lowell Herb Co

You know they’re dating but the couple has never performed together — until now. They just dropped their duet, “Nobody But You”, so what better way to commemorate the occasion than sharing a joint with someone you love? This hybrid is a lovely blend for focus and creativity. 

If You’re Stoked to See Rosalía: Coda Signature Coffee & Donuts Chocolate Bar

This Spanish singer-songwriter’s sensual sound and over-the-top style will make you want to indulge in something special. This upbeat coffee and donut flavored chocolate is meant for sharing and is made with a hybrid strain, so you can have fun but still focus on her debut performance.

If You’re Into Camilla Cabelo’s Fun Pop: Beboe Sativa Blend Disposable Vape

Will she kiss Shawn Mendes and launch another viral meme? Who knows! You’ll still have a good time dancing along to her sweet sound so try Beboe’s stylish rose-gold sativa vape. It’s energetic and light enough to keep you feeling good all night long.

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