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May 20, 2020
Everything You Need For the Memorial Day Weekend

Photo by Vincent Keiman on Unsplash

This year’s 3-day unofficial kick-off to summer is a little different — you’re still grilling, hanging out by the pool, or enjoying a hike, just in a socially distant manner. One thing that doesn’t need to change? Adding cannabis into the mix. We have a few suggestions to make the most of this holiday weekend whether you have big plans with your household or using this moment to unwind and do nothing.

If You’re Looking to Grill and Chill: Ember Valley Wedding Pie

What’s better than cooking up some fancy burgers and sitting outside as the sun sets? Add this fruity and sweet indica flower to the lineup. With peppery caryophyllene and linalool (found in lavender), it’s a satisfying way to end your evening.

If You’re Looking to Grill and Chill, But With Drinks: AbsoluteXtracts Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops

Burgers, ribs, and beer are probably the first three things that come to mind when it comes holiday weekends. Try a different spin with one that has zero alcohol, zero calories, but all the flavor of your favorite IPA. Plus, with 10mg of THC, it’ll give you a little buzz. If you’re a Buds Member, you’ll get double points on this purchase.

If You’re Doing Zoom Trivia Night: The Lime Selfies 2 Pack Minis

Yes, Zoom trivia nights are a thing and they’re actually quite fun if you’re competitive. Take a hit of this focus-inducing sativa and prepare to beat all your friends.

If You Want Something Different for Happy Hour: Cann Social Tonic Lemon Lavender

Skipping the alcohol but still want to join in on the cocktail fun? Try making a mocktail with this low dose (2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD) drink. (And this also qualifies for double Buds points!)

If You’re Heading Out For a Sunset Stroll: WYLD Sativa Raspberry Gummies

With 10mg of THC per gummy, pop either half or a whole one before a breezy walk outdoors. It’ll enhance the nature-viewing experience.

If You’re Laying Out by the Pool: ABX Jack Herer Cartridge

Jack Herer is an uplifting sativa strain known for its energetic, euphoric, and creative effects. Take a few hits, get giggly, and splash around in the shallow end.

If You’re Feeling Sore, Post-Hike: Awaken Bath Bomb Kush Queen

No matter how many streaming exercise classes and walks you’re taking, a hard hike can still leave you sore. Drop this peppermint scented hybrid bath bomb into your next soak. The combination of invigorating essential oils and 25 mg each of THC and CBD will loosen your muscles while leaving you refreshed.

If You Want to Zone Out on the Couch: Mountain Purps Sauce Raw Garden

The pressure to be productive wearing you out? Shut off the world for a night: Take a few hits of this potent indica dominant concentrate, and enjoy doing nothing.

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