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August 11, 2019
Our Favorite Film & Cannabis Flower Pairings


Ever wonder what’s the best cannabis strain to smoke while watching movies? This guide from MedMen carefully curates which type of cannabis flower to pair with a variety of classic flicks. But even for the most casual enthusiast, it’s sometimes worth contemplating indica versus sativa before getting high and watching a film. After all, with all the creative names for flower strains, it makes sense to gravitate toward something that will remind you, right off the bat, of your favorite movie.

Ahead are seven inspired pairings to try during your ongoing quest to find the best flower strains for watching your favorite films. Grab your go-to snacks for munchies, sample a strain or two from a MedMen dispensary, fire up your Roku or Chromecast, and enjoy our favorite film and flower themed pairings.

Our Favorite Film & Cannabis Flower Pairings

If you watch Ocean’s 11...smoke Diamond OG
Diamond OG is a beloved indica for a reason. It’s the ideal strain for when you’re in the mood to watch those high-rollers from Ocean’s 11 plan a casino heist. You’ll more than likely start drifting off into fantasyland, imagining yourself plotting and scheming right alongside George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

If you watch Eat, Pray, Love...smoke Gelato
Alright, let’s be real. You’re definitely going to get the munchies while watching Eat, Pray, Love. In fact, it’s almost illegal to watch that movie without having pizza and pasta within arm’s reach. A potent hybrid like Gelato not only pairs perfectly with the food-centric segment of EPL, but it will encourage your appetite, too.

If you watch John Wick 3...smoke Dogwalker OG
Keanu Reeves and cannabis? That’s already a match made in heaven. But the bonkers John Wick franchise, about a man seeking murderous revenge for his dog (it makes sense when you watch it), will be made even more enjoyable with a well-balanced flower strain like Dogwalker OG.

If you watch Guardians of the Galaxy...smoke Galactic Gas
Ready to laugh like a maniac while stuck in a couch-locked state? Galactic Gas and Guardians of the Galaxy go hand-in-hand like Rocket and Groot. Just avoid the snap.

If you watch Bridesmaids...smoke Wedding Cake
This sugary, sweet, indica-dominant strain is perfect for watching a comedy like Bridesmaids, especially if you’re in a group. You won’t know what will induce your laughter more: the movie or the bud.

If you watch Godzilla: King of the Monsters...smoke Titan OG
This is a highly potent indica-dominant hybrid that can make viewing a sci-fi flick like Godzilla an extremely trippy experience. It will help you relax in a soothing, blissful state as you start to wonder, what if these giant ancient creatures actually existed?

If you watch Bohemian Rhapsody...smoke Rockstar
This indica-dominant strain will have you feeling as giddy as a Queen song without making you feel like you’re completely stuck in your head (or couch). It might make you slightly sleepy, so fair warning in case you end up knocking out during the movie.

Find these strains and ones like it at your nearest MedMen cannabis retailer or enter your delivery address to see if MedMen delivers cannabis near you.

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