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December 11, 2019
So You Want to Talk About Weed With Your Family?


Spending the holidays with loved ones can result in a lot of down time when you’re forced to chat with one another. After you’ve exhausted safer topics like jobs, relationships and vacations you could find yourself heading into more controversial areas. And while most people know better than to argue about politics, you might hit the landmine that is weed consumption. Even though we’ve come a long way since the days of full-fledged cannabis prohibition, its bad rep, especially among a certain generation, can be hard to shake.


If you’re anticipating a tricky conversation, you don’t need to avoid it. You just need to figure out a smarter way to approach it. When it comes to having a constructive conversation about cannabis with family, Miss Grass co-founder Kate Miller can help.


Ahead, her top three bits of advice.

Share Your Story

Communication may be key, but it’s the way in which we talk about the subject that makes big difference. Sharing stories about personal experiences directly can help them to relate. “If your family is anything like mine, they are stubborn as all hell. So, trying to convince a non-cannabis-loving family member to get high with me is a steep uphill battle,” Miller says. “I’ve found it beneficial to discuss how it’s helped. I use it as a catalyst for creativity. It’s also completely transformed my skin and lifelong battle with psoriasis.”


A personal story might work for one person but maybe you need a little more ammunition for a certain family member. If they want to know the science behind cannabis, bookmark some reputable sites they can check out, email them a relevant medical study, or gift them a book on cannabis. “There are so many misconceptions and stigmas around [cannabis],” Miller explains. “I’ve found that education has transformed the way my family views this plant.”

Agree to Disagree

Unfortunately, much like how some people feel about cilantro, you’ll never change their minds. “We've all had people in our lives give us the ‘weed just isn’t my thing’ spiel,” Miller explains. “I usually follow up with an information dump on the science, history, and benefits of this plant, in hopes to convert them to at least be more willing to explore.” When that doesn’t work, she accepts that maybe it’s just not for them, or at least, not right now. “Your love of cannabis isn’t going to be everyone’s love for this plant. And that’s okay -- be at peace with that fact,” Miller says.

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