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March 16, 2019
10 Great Things to Do When You're Blazing Kush


One of the greatest things about smoking weed is all of the fun activities you can do while you’re stoned. Everyday experiences like watching a movie or going to the mall can quickly evolve into excellent adventures. If you want your next cannabis-elevated situation to be far more interesting than being stuck to your couch for five hours, we’ve got you covered.

Below, 10 of the best—and fairly easy—things to do when you’re blazing kush, whether solo or with a posse of friends.

Try These Fun Things While You’re Smoking Weed

1. Go to a museum
Think about it. A museum, whether it’s of the natural history or contemporary art variety, requires patience and time—and what better state to be in for a cultural excursion than nicely stoned? The next time a new Yayoi Kusama exhibit comes to town, make sure to bring along your choice hybrid strain and you’ll be happy to experience that trippy art in a kush-imbued haze.

2. Get a massage or facial
Cannabis helps you relax, relieve pain, and, of course, heighten the senses. Treating yourself to a massage or facial at a spa is one of the best ways to indulge in the physical benefits of having fun with weed. Got achy, sore muscles? Blaze before going in for a message. Even better? Some spas and wellness studios offer CBD-infused facials and massage so you can have a double dose of cannabis-themed care.

3. Have sex
When we said “heighten the senses,” you knew we had to go there. If a massage feels that amazing when you’re blazing kush, imagine how good sex can feel. Enjoy your go-to indica-leaning hybrid to achieve the ideal body high. Your sense of touch will be on another level, whether you’re riding solo or with a partner. Plus, orgasms can even feel like they last longer, which, if you weren’t already sold on having sex on weed, that should certainly convince you.

4. Stroll around the mall
Sure, a shopping trip may sound like the most un-chill, stressful experience when you consider all of the stores, loud noises, and crowds of strangers. (That’s why online shopping has become so enormously popular, after all.) But, if you smoke weed prior to your next mall visit, that IRL retail environment can become a wonderland of sorts. Just walk around and take it all in, from various scents and soundtracks wafting from the stores to the plentiful elevators and elevators to ride. You’ll surely experience everything the mall has to offer with new (high) eyes. And, most importantly, when you get the munchies, a food court filled with every kind of snack is right at your fingertips.

5. Have a movie marathon
Weed and movies: Name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait. Nothing enhances a typical movie-watching stint than cannabis. Whether you’re having a kush party with friends before heading to the latest superhero movie or spending some quality time at home alone with Netflix, movies and marijuana is a match made in heaven.

6. Play video games
Another simple activity that can entertain you for hours while you’re stoned: a leisurely jag of video game play. Don’t have a PS4 Pro at the ready for hitting the sticks? Break out your Nintendo Switch, or play flash games on your computer and enjoy that nice buzz.

7. Creative projects
Some of the world’s most creative works, across disciplines—music, film, art, literature—exist because someone was high out of their mind. As long as you’ve got a sativa-leaning strain, so you’re not trapped under an intense, couch-locking indica, you can get those creative juices flowing. Paint, write, knit, craft—whatever you feel inspired to do will be all the more enjoyable with a little weed.

8. Reacquaint with nature
What can be as healing as cannabis? Being in nature! A hike on a tree-filled trail or sitting on the beach watching the waves can be beneficial for anyone’s mental health. And when you add weed into the mix, it’s even better. Since cannabis can help alleviate anxiety, you’ll be able to completely relax while taking in the beautiful scenery.

9. Check out a concert
One of the best ways to enjoy music is by sitting in your bedroom, headphones on, and stoned from a solid indica strain. So, why not have an elevated experience watching your favorite artist or band live in concert?

10. Eat like you’re a Food Network show host
Obviously, food is extremely enjoyable when you’re high. Flavors, textures, and aromas are all beautifully enhanced with a little marijuana. Since cooking can be tricky under the cannabis influence, it can take a little bit of pre-planning. Stock your fridge with a feast of snacks, or have Postmates downloaded and at the ready to deliver your absolute favorite meal. Don’t hold back. Life’s too short. Blaze that kush and eat like a king.

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