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June 28, 2019
The Best Cannabis Strains To Have on Hand for Date Night


For cannabis enthusiast-couples, romantic activities often come with their own unique characteristics. The sexual benefits that come with smoking herb notwithstanding, even your typical date night can be enhanced with a fitting with the proper cannabis strain.

Whether you’re planning an early evening hike, going to a backyard comedy show or trying out a Nancy Silverton recipe at home, you can easily pair creative date night ideas with the perfect cannabis strains. Keep these in mind the next time you want to forgo the usual “going out for a drink” and do something different with your partner instead.

Best Strain Pairings for Date Nights

Embark On A Taco Tour
Sure, you could make reservations at the same restaurant you always go to, or you can shake things up and plan a taco tour. Put together a list of your ideal taco destinations—it should include your go-to neighborhood taco truck, the hyped-up hotspot downtown, and that secret hole in the wall your friend always brags about. Try anything and everything, and don’t skimp on the guac—you know we love the green stuff.

Strain pairing: Sour Diesel. This sativa will ensure you and your boo have enough energy to hit up multiple dining destinations while also stirring up a healthy appetite.

Get Tickets To A Double Feature
If you and your sweetheart are a couple of movie buffs, a double feature can be fun, whether it’s cult classics, ‘80s action films, or trippy sci-fi flicks. Oftentimes theaters will hold special events featuring Q and As or meet and greets with directors and actors, making the date even better. Grab your tickets before they sell out, then head to MedMen for the ideal strain.

Strain pairing: Blue Dream. This sativa-dominant hybrid is great for providing the stimulating energy needed for a four-hour movie marathon while bringing on a happy high.

Go On a Hike
Being active while immersing yourself in nature is a great date option for couples who like to do physical activities. A hike at a wilderness park during sundown is both romantic and a fun way to get your steps in. You could also try a beachfront path if you’re looking for the perfect sunset to wrap up your excursion.

Strain pairing: Harlequin. This sativa-leaning, CBD-focused strain will help you feel relaxed enough to enjoy the stunning surroundings of your hike and melt away any lingering pain, while that bit of sativa will elevate your mood and supply you with the right amount of energy.

Stay In and Make Homemade Pizza
Getting stoned and ordering pizza is one of life’s simple joys, so why not upgrade the concept for date night? Grab your chefs hats and dust off that The Mozza Cookbook you bought on Amazon last year and take on a creative culinary challenge. You’ll need a strain that will help you focus on a recipe while inducing hunger. (Just make sure you have plenty of ingredients for multiple pies.)

Strain pairing: LA Cheese. Okay, the cheese-inspired name may be a bit obvious for this pizza pairing, but the strain is ideal for this exact activity. LA Cheese is an indica-dominant strain, but it is still known to keep users focused and motivated, so you’ll be able to get your cooking done first and enjoy the post-feast stoney effects later. It’s the perfect kitchen-to-couch strain.

Board Game Battle
For couples who prefer brain-boosting activities to lazing about on the couch, a night of playing board games can be an entertaining date—especially if you have fun competing with each other. Roll a couple of joints before going head-to-head with a two-player game like Hive.

Strain pairing: Green Dream. Playing board games will require a sativa-heavy hybrid strain that helps increase cerebral activity and concentration, and Green Dream is your best bet.

Watch A Meteor Shower
Making wishes on shooting stars may be one of the most romantic activities in history, and it’s also a unique, low-stakes date. Keep track of the next meteor shower and find the perfect viewing spot for you and your significant other. You can plan a camping trip or a night time picnic at the beach, just don’t forget to pack the right stargazing strain.

Strain pairing: Diamond OG. Say no to a sativa and star-watching combo. A classic indica strain like Diamond OG is exactly what you’ll need to conjure up some euphoric relaxation as you and your love admire the great vastness of the cosmos.

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