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July 18, 2018
Wedding Bells Ringing? MedMen's Top Tips For Vegas Bachelorette Parties

If you have yet to hear the news already, let us be the ones to proclaim it: another MedMen location is heading to Las Vegas. And no, we’re not just posting up there for a fun-filled weekend—we are setting up our second shop and will be open for business at the end of this month.

For those who have yet to visit our marijuana dispensary in North Las Vegas near the speedway, this one might be for you. Located in the Arts District, it’s moniker will be MedMen Downtown Las Vegas—it’s got a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

We are incredibly excited to bring the MedMen touch to the Vegas Strip and beyond. After all, it’s the ultimate destination for all things fun; a city synonymous with a plethora of activities, reasonsings, and feelings. One of the most popular items that happens upon that list? Bachelorette parties. While we are not entirely certain what the verified number is in terms of the amount of bachelorette parties that venture to Vegas each year, we have enough confidence to say that the number is incredibly high.

There is no better way to celebrate upcoming nuptials than a trip to Vegas, right? Right. That’s why we have assembled our own list of must-sees, must-dos, and must-drinks for those headed to Vegas to celebrate the approaching wedding bells.

Chances are fairly high that immediately upon arrival you will be greeted by desert heat and be overcome with the urge and the need to be poolside. Vegas is a pool playground in its own right, offering up options that run the gamut from relaxing to lively. For those looking to get some partying done poolside, there is an endless supply of day clubs where DJ sets coincide with tanning time. Encore Beach Club and Wet Republic are just two of our favorite spots that bring a whole new meaning to pool party.

Need a break from the madness? Hit the cabana or plush lounge chair with your bachelorette crew for some R&R. Whether you are enjoying the calm before the storm or need a moment to recuperate before the partying continues into the night, it is always in your best interest to choose lodgings with (or in proximity to) a pool worthy of your time.

Gambling may not be for everyone, but you know what is? A night out at one of Vegas’ countless clubs. From the incredible ambiance bestowed upon the Omnia at Caesars Palace to the thrilling headliners that stop off at Hakkasan and XS, choosing a nightclub to venture into is a game to be played that makes everyone a winner. Whether you are a Tiesto fan or want to get some dancing in with Zedd, there is no shortage of spots where great times happen as readily as beat drops.

Looking for a night off from the dance floor? There are enough artists with Las Vegas residencies to make any music fan go mad. You have got Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, and the Backstreet Boys all making their mark (and bringing a whole wave of nostalgia) at Planet Hollywood. Then there is Lady Gaga at MGM Grand and of course the queen of Las Vegas shows: Celine Dion at Caesars Palace. And that list is just a sample of what’s out there. It’s okay if you can’t control your excitement—we can’t either.

Then there is the jubilant experience of exploring the Las Vegas Strip. From taking a ride in the picturesque canals of the Venetian to catching a water show at the fountains outside of the Bellagio, you can experience the flash and magic of Vegas through a simple stroll from one casino to the next.

This roundup of Sin City activities would not be complete without the obvious addition of making a stop at MedMen. Both of our locations in Vegas offer up adventures of their own. In fact, some may say a visit to MedMen is akin to visiting a day party. Because let’s be honest: there is no better way to ramp up your celebrations than with some cannabis.

From vapes that serve as the optimal bachelorette gift bag ingredient to tasty edibles that will ensure a great time for any and all pre-wedding games and shenanigans, marijuana has the makings to reinvent what you thought a bachelorette party could have in store. Whether you are looking for a pre-nightclub boost with a sativa strain or frankly need a bit of indica help to fall asleep after hours of Las Vegas escapades, our Vegas locations have got what you need to elevate any and all Bachelorette festivities.

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