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A Journal of Cannabis and Culture

Fall in Las Vegas

Fall in Las Vegas

Fall. It’s one of our favorite seasons here at MedMen—and it’s not just because of the cozy weather, its proximity to the holiday season, or the tasty flavors and treats associated with the weather. Sure, we love all of that, but we have a secret we’re willing to let you in on: fall is one of the best times to head to the one and only Las Vegas.

Pool party season comes to an end by mid-October, which means the beginning of fall is the optimal time to get in your last few moments surrounded by friends, thrilling music, and a pool of course. And let’s get real: do you ever really need a reason to go to Vegas?

Just in case you do, we’ve got a few reasons why you may head to the city. Maybe you need a break from school, want a fun weekend getaway for a post-summer celebration, or just want to explore the city—whatever the reason that brings you to Vegas, one thing is for sure: MedMen should be at the top of your list.

Partying not your thing? A weekend away is an awesome opportunity to take a pause, get a refresh, and even reflect on 2018. Just because Vegas is the bright and flashy city doesn’t mean it cannot be full of self-reflection. Chill pool time or a spa moment? Count us in.

Regardless of what brings you to the city, we’re going to assume that upon arrival you may be looking for a cannabis dispensary near Las Vegas. We’ve got you. Our two locations boast a plethora of products that will get you in the mood to party, chill, or simply take in the scenery.

If you’re a local, then the Las Vegas Strip may not be your scene. Instead, you’ve got some fall activities within the desert of Vegas. From football games and fresh priorities that the new school year brings to goal-centric refreshes and seasonal parties, heading to a marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas is a sure way to feel geared up, relaxed, and ready to tackle the fall season.

So now we get into some of our favorite products that we keep in stock at our Las Vegas cannabis shops. CBD products offer up the perfect way to chill out and get a fresh perspective on things. The Select Grapefruit vape pen brings out the best of CBD with a fruity flavor. Not into the vape life? Altus Mango Gummies have a 20:1 CBD ratio that also bring a fun fruity flavor with a tasty twist.

For those looking to get on the high side, we love Vert’s Choco Chip Brownie Cookies, Shango’s Assorted Mini Gummies, and the Raspberry Fruit Chews from Qualcan—all of which come in the hybrid variety. Have a gummy, a bite or two of some brownies, or a delicious fruit chew before a night out on the town or even a quiet night at home preparing for the seasonal refresh—the beauty of cannabis is the versatility and ability to enjoy it across any activity and we’re certain any fall moment is one made for weed.

Whether you’re in Vegas or beyond, here’s to an awesome fall!

A Journal of Cannabis and Culture
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