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June 06, 2019
The Best Ways To Unwind and Detox in Vegas


Visiting Vegas comes with revelry, debauchery, and, well, a lot of freakin’ vices. And even if you don’t partake, being around that much energy and that many partygoers can take a toll. So what do you do in the city of sin when the sin starts to get the best you? Here are the best ways to unwind and detox — beyond just spas — in Las Vegas.

Relax Your Way To A Better Life in Las Vegas

Go Spa-ing at Red Rock Spa
First things first, if you want to detox, you can and should head to a spa for the easiest and most luxurious way to do just that. At the Red Rock Spa, they have a ton of massage options — including a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage that removes toxins and a Nirvana Stress Relief Massage that uses aromatherapy to balance you out — and they also have treatments like acupuncture, cupping, and even a Purification Ritual. Basically, get ready to feel like yourself again.

Do Yoga With the Dolphins
It’s all in the name. Located in the Mirage, this 1-hour morning yoga class is held in the underwater dolphin viewing area, which means you get to gaze upon the dolphins while doing your downward dog. Afterward, you’ll get a complimentary smoothie and have full access to the spa facility — what more could you need to be revived?

Opt for an Infrared Sauna Experience
At Aura Infrared Sauna Las Vegas, you’ll sweat out all the bad stuff in your own private sauna suite, equipped with an infrared cedar sauna. For 40 minutes, you’ll get hit with infrared light (that you’ll experience as heat), which will get you sweating, relaxing, and de-stressing. It can also help with circulation, lowering blood pressure, and eases joint pain and aches. Basically, you get to lay in a heated room and you’ll feel amazing after. Promise.

Revive Yourself at REVIV
The only IV therapy clinic located right on The Strip, REVIV’s flagship is located at the MGM Grand, with two more outposts at the nearby Cosmopolitan and Palazzo resorts). REVIV gives IV therapy or booster shots of B Vitamins and other infusions to get you rehydrated and energized in no time. They have private rooms, massage chairs, and even a group lounge area. Don’t want to leave the comfy confines of your hotel room? You can also order concierge in-room service to any resort on The Strip.

Get Salty
At The Salt Room, you can get a facial, massage, mud treatments, reiki and sound therapy. But the real draw is halo therapy, where you can enter the “salt room,” with treatments lasting upwards of 45 minutes. The salt vapor helps with breathing as well as reducing stress and anxiety. The natural anti-inflammatory will help you de-puff from any and all vices you may get into while in Vegas.

Do Some Aerial Fitness
Offering both aerial hammock pilates and aerial hammock yoga, Galaxy Pilatesis a great studio to hit if you want to sweat it out while also elevating yourself—literally. You’ll be suspended in hammocks for most of the class, which will help you work through techniques that specifically emphasize flexibility and core strength. Plus, and perhaps most importantly, it’s fun. You’ll be auditioning for Cirque du Soleil in no time.

Center Yourself and Work Through Your Toxins
RYK isn’t your everyday meditation or yoga center. This center focuses on Kundalini yoga, which is more of a wellbeing, spiritual-based yoga rather than an exercise environment. Practitioners are encouraged to let go of emotions and past dwellings and meditate while going through orchestrated movements. A ton of classes are available—be sure to check out the schedule for an innovative way to unwind.

Of course, you can always Shop MedMen for our preferred method(s) of detox.

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