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July 29, 2019
Beboe's Scott Campbell Talks CBD Beauty Myths and Misconceptions


As beauty industry veterans across the country clamor to take advantage of the booming CBD skincare trend, there are also, alternatively, established cannabis brands interested in bringing their expertise to the skin care industry. Beboe, the luxury cannabis company founded in 2017 by Scott Campbell and Clement Kwan, is one of these brands. Earlier this year, Beboe expanded ts line of high-end vaporizers and pastilles and released its own skin care vertical, dubbed Beboe Therapies.

Beboe is nicknamed "the Hermès of marijuana," so we can only expect that its offshoot would feature the same degree of upscale ingredients and innovative design, just with a fresh beauty bent. The brand’s initial offerings, which include a 300mg CBD serum that includes other on-trend skin care ingredients such as squalane and sea buckthorn in addition to sheet masks that contain plant-based AHAs and algae extract alongside 50mg CBD. The line is being carried in retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Barney’s.

So, why is CBD skincare worth it? Or, perhaps most importantly, is CBD skin care safe and effective? Ahead, Campbell discusses Beboe’s decision to expand, and what he thinks of the CBD skin care craze.

How did you decide to launch skin care?
CBD truly is one of the most exciting compounds in wellness today. Studies are coming out every month emphasizing the many ways that CBD helps support different cellular functions and correct irregularities. Because CBD is so new, there are no existing authorities in the space, and very few people using it as an ingredient really understand its optimal cultivation, processing, and dosage. We have been proposed partnerships by almost every large-scale beauty brand out there: They are looking to just throw those three letters onto a product label and jump on the bandwagon, and wanted Beboe to supply the CBD and vouch for their products. We have worked incredibly hard over the years to earn the respect in the cannabis industry that we have, and we didn’t want to just rent that reputation to large corporations. We were fortunate that some of our original investors are very prominent in the natural beauty space, and that gave us access to some of the best formulators and ingredients in the world.  So in short, rather than rent our name out, we decided to roll up our sleeves and build it ourselves to make sure it meets our own quality standards.

What’s one of the biggest misconceptions about CBD in the beauty industry?
Well, first, that CBD gets you high. But I think the public is finally outgrowing that myth. Also, hemp oil is not CBD, and hemp oil rarely contains CBD in amounts that would do any good. Having a pot leaf on a bottle and hemp oil in the ingredients means nothing as far as efficacy. As people start understanding more about how CBD works on a cellular level, they will be more discriminating in the products they use. I won’t get too nerdy here, but the main effects we know about CBD are that it supports the system that your cells are currently using to maintain homeostasis, a baseline state of normal function. So, CBD’s biggest effect is not that it interrupts any cellular processes, rather that it amplifies your body’s own ability to correct itself when things are out of whack. I see companies putting CBD in everything these days. CBD Mascara or shampoo makes no sense at all because hair is not comprised of living cells, and absorbing it through your scalp would take forever. So if anyone tries to charge you more for shoelaces because they were made with CBD, I would pass on that.

What makes Beboe Therapies stand out from other CBD beauty brands?
We do third party testing on all our products for potency, pesticides, and impurities. We make these results public for every batch we produce. There are currently no regulations overseeing the quality of CBD, so we are trying to go above and beyond any expectations of quality and transparency. We want to inspire people to ask more questions and be more discriminating in the therapies they choose to trust.

What are some things you’d want to share with customers who might be familiar with skin care, but not necessarily CBD, and want to add it in their routine?
Studies are showing that CBD is effective in correcting a wide range of irregularities. If your skin is flawless, then you probably won’t see a huge difference after using CBD. But with decreasing air quality these days, most skin suffers from a barrage of irritants and allergens and bacteria; our skin then reacts with redness and inflammation. CBD’s most profound effect is that it amplifies our bodies own efforts to reduce inflammation. It acts as a preservative for the compounds that our cells normally release to tell inflamed cells to calm down. It helps our cells help themselves.

Can you tell us what else might be in store for Beboe Therapies?
Anything designed well is designed selfishly. We create products when there are things we want for ourselves (and we are really damn picky) that we can’t find out there in the market. We don’t do focus groups. We make these therapies because we want them and we use them. So I can’t say for sure what will come down the line. We are guided by passion, not a marketing strategy.

You can find Beboe Therapies on the brand’s website, and other Beboe products at your nearest MedMen retailer.

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