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April 07, 2020
6 Streaming High-Energy Workouts to Do at Home

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With the national stay-at-home order extended to at least April 30th, it’s normal to feel a little stir crazy. You can try calming your mind with meditation but moving your body can also do wonders for your mental wellness. Going outside for a walk or run is one way to get in the 150 minutes of physical activity per week as recommended by experts. But if that’s not possible, the good news is that plenty of your favorite workout studios are streaming modified versions of their classes. Some are bodyweight based while others may require weights from time to time. Whether you’re a fan of boxing, HIIT, or dance cardio, below are some of our favorites that’ll get your heart pumping.

If You Miss Boxing: Rumble

What it is: Fans of Rumble know they’re great for intense yet fun boxing-based cardio workouts. While you can’t hit the punching bag at home, the studio’s instructors are doing daily shadow boxing-based HIIT and area-focused workouts for their followers. Their IG Live schedule drops every Sunday but you can always catch up at your own convenience on their Instagram.

Where to find it: On their Instagram, @doyourumble.

How much does it cost: Free!

If You Want a Fun Challenge: Cycle House

What it is: Not in the mood to commit to a full workout? Every week the West Hollywood spin studio is offering up short challenges on their Instagram. The most recent involves holding a plank for three minutes while another features a five minute arms session with founder Nichelle Hines. 

Where to find it: On their Instagram, @cyclehouse.

How much does it cost: Free!

If You Want a Dance Party: HoodFit

What it is: Erica Hood is a personal trainer based in Los Angeles and her high-energy dance cardio workouts feature plenty of muscle toning moves. She’s offering live Zoom classes three times a week that are $10/each. You can also find free workouts and fitness challenges via YouTube and Instagram. If you’d rather schedule a personal training session, Hood offers them virtually.

Where to find it: On Erica Hood’s website, YouTube, and Instagram @hoodfit_.

How much does it cost: Her YouTube and Instagram workouts are free. Zoom classes are $10/class and personal training session costs will vary.

If You Miss Bootcamp: AARMY

What it is: Founded by two celebrity trainers, Angela Davis and Akin Akman, AARMY counts the likes of Usher, Janelle Monae, and Oprah among their many clients and fans. They’re offering daily workouts on their Instagram ranging from full body to more focused sessions like lower body and abs, upper body and abs, and more. Times and themes will be posted the day before and who knows — you might see some of their famous friends pop up in a workout from time to time.

Where to find it: On their Instagram, @aarmy

How much does it cost: Free! 

If You Have No Weights: P.volve

What it is: Using things like cans as hand weights and paper plates in lieu of gliders, p.volve combines sculpting and toning moves to build muscle without bulk. They offer free, daily 15-20 minute workouts but you can also subscribe for access to longer classes on their website.

Where to find it: On their website and their Instagram, @pvolve.

How much does it cost: All the Instagram content is free, the website offers a free 14-day trial, with a $19.99 monthly fee after.

If You Don’t Want to Annoy Your Downstairs Neighbors: Lit Method

What it is: Fans of the low-intensity rowing and strength workout will be happy to know that they’re offering daily streaming classes on their website. There’s no jumping involved so you won’t have angry neighbors pounding on the ceiling but you may have to order resistance bands, if you don’t already own them.

Where to find it: On their website.

How much does it cost: Free throughout the month of April with the code BOLTCULTSTRONG.

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