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April 18, 2019
Chillhouse's Cyndi Ramirez Talks All Things CBD


When it comes to chilling out, CBD is the substance du jour. Just ask Cyndi Ramirez, the founder of Chillhouse, a first-of-its-kind nail salon and massage boutique that comes complete with a bar, shopping, and a full-service cafe. Since opening in NYC’s Lower East Side neighborhood in 2017, Ramirez has sought to create a downtown escape for city dwellers seeking a modern path to total relaxation with style, character, and ease.

CBD Is Great for Relaxing the Mind

Ramirez hopes Chillhouse feels like a calm oasis and a respite from the chaos of urban life. “Chillhouse is a relaxed, welcoming environment that lends itself well to the multi-faceted function of the space: cafe and day spa,” says Ramirez. “I wanted the space to feel at home in its vibrant and dynamic LES location, but as a day spa, I also hope it feels like a retreat or departure from the hustle and bustle."

Did you feel like there was a need to increase the type of spaces that promote relaxation before Chillhouse came to be?
Yes, but not necessarily because there were a lack of them, but mostly because relaxation-centered spaces can sometimes be a little sterile or tip-toe-y and that didn’t necessarily speak to me.

Were CBD products and treatments always part of your plan with Chillhouse, or something you decided to introduce later?
We introduced it around mid-2018. When we tried experimenting early on, people were a bit hesitant, but as [CBD] awareness grew, we added more to our services and cafe and it’s taken off tremendously. It truly is the ultimate “chill” ingredient.

Are you a fan of CBD personally?
As a former weed smoker, I loved learning how CBD differs [from cannabis with THC], but still has many CBD benefits. My biggest issue with marijuana was paranoia, and it actually gave me more anxiety because of the THC. I’d also feel tired the next day—overall, the older I got, the less it agreed with me. CBD doesn’t do this to me, at all. My biggest issue when I’m stressed is tight muscles, and because CBD is a huge anti-inflammatory ingredient, my muscles immediately feel looser, therefore helping with the side effects of stress.

What are your favorite CBD products, and what are your favorite ways to utilize them?
I enjoy [topicals] the most, and I’m into some tinctures. Some of my favorite brands include Lord Jones and Plant Alchemy, and I’m excited to try Gossamer’s newly released sleep tincture. And for anyone coming to Chillhouse for the first time, our Purple Haze latte is not to be missed.

What's your favorite way to use CBD?
Topically, first. I also enjoy a little bit of CBD in my green tea.

What do you find CBD is best used for?
Mostly pain but also to take the edge off of caffeine. I love throwing some salve on my shoulders and letting it get to work.

Do you have any more plans to increase the use of CBD at Chillhouse?
Yes! We’ll be adding a CBD mani to the menu in 2019, and we’re thinking of even more ways we can get involved in spreading the word on CBD. Stay tuned...

Interested in CBD? Check out your local MedMen cannabis dispensary to find out more!

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