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January 28, 2019
5 People Try THC-Infused Bath Bombs


Get stoned in the shower with Kush Queen’s Bath Bombs

Bath bombs have been a trend in skin care for the past few years—not just because the colorful orbs makes bathwater look cool, but because they contain essential oils that can elevate a typical relaxing soak to another level. Add THC and CBD to the mix, and there are a slew of other benefits to enjoy. Kush Queen creates THC-infused bath bombs that contain nourishing essential oils such as lavender and chamomile. We wondered what would happen if five people completely new to the THC bath bomb experience tried out a cannabis-packed soak for the first time. Below, check out their honest reviews of Kush Queen’s Relax, Love, Relief, Sleep, and Awaken bath bombs—and then, grab your own at a MedMen marijuana retailer near you.


"It turned the bath a nice aquamarine color, and you could feel and smell the essential oils right away. I could smell a very slight aroma of the THC, but it was not overbearing; in fact, I think it relaxed me more to stay in the bath longer. I’m lying in bed now, very relaxed, and my skin feels nice and smooth. I would definitely use this bath bomb again!" —Shaun


"The scent is so relaxing and I definitely feel like my skin is softer after using it. I felt immediate relief from my shoulder and back pain. While I was hoping for magic for passion, I just felt super relaxed. You know when your body is heavy after a massage, but the good type of heavy where you want to curl up and sleep? That one. I’m definitely buying a couple for special nights in!" —Iris


"At first, I was skeptical about using the THC Sleep Bath Bomb, mainly because the bath bombs I use that are meant to help me “sleep” or “de-stress” don’t. While I always feel relaxed, they don’t have much else of an effect on me. So, when I tried the Sleep bath bomb, I was expecting to get the same results, but that wasn’t the case. I found myself shutting down my brain—something that’s really hard for me to do—really listening to my body (I could feel the thump of my heart), and dozing off. No joke, my husband knocked on the bathroom door to see if I was okay because I was in the bath for a while. That night, I got some much-needed zzz’s and felt refreshed in the morning." —Alyssa


"I was experiencing back pain, so it was a perfect time to use a bath bomb. It smelled great, was soothing, and had an aromatherapy-type of quality. It’s not psychoactive, so there’s no high; it’s just relaxing." —Nathaniel


"I don’t really use bath bombs, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was really sore after two back-to-back workouts, so it was a good thing I had the Relief bath bomb and a freshly scrubbed bathtub on hand. I immediately felt relaxed, which was probably because I was in a bath and not a shower, but then I noticed my muscles feeling less stiff. I didn’t feel high from the bath bomb itself, but I did light a joint while in the tub, ‘cause why not? The relaxation continued. For a while afterward, I felt my muscles become more relaxed and decrease in soreness, though it didn’t completely disappear. That night, I slept like a baby. I’d want to use one of these after every workout if I could." —JD

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