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January 24, 2019
Meet dosist’s CEO Gunner Winston


With the first year of California’s marijuana legalization at an end, it’s time to reflect on the cannabis brands that particularly stood out in 2018. One of the biggest companies leading the way in the cannabis movement is dosist. With its effects-based products and controlled dose delivery process, it’s no wonder the brand has won multiple awards. dosist has helped change the way people both think of cannabis and consume it.

Calm, dosist’s high-CBD pen, is aimed at quelling anxiety, while Relief can help soothe pain. Having trouble catching a great night’s rest? dosist’s Sleep might just be the slumber-inducing tool you’ve always wanted. There’s no mistaking it—dosist's pens are having a major impact on society’s acceptance of cannabis as a viable wellness aid.

Want to learn more about this revolutionary brand? dosist CEO Gunner Winston gives us the lowdown, below.

Can you give a little background on how dosist was started?
dosist was founded in 2016 as a modern wellness company committed to providing targeted cannabis solutions to help provide relief from some of today’s most common ailments. We do that through our formulas, which are engineered to take the guesswork out of cannabis treatment, creating consistent, safe, and effective results for our consumers.

What sets dosist apart from other vape pen brands?
There are two things that set us apart. First, our proprietary dose control pen: Dosage is critical to any therapeutic tool, and it's no different with cannabis products. If you don't know how much or what formulation you're ingesting, you can't effectively manage or predict the benefits. A first in the industry, the dose pen™ by dosist uses superior vaporization technology to activate the key cannabis compounds in our formulas and deliver a precise 2.25 mg. dose each and every time—the dose pen actually notifies a consumer of a complete dose through a slight vibration. This precisely measured dose allows consumers to repeat treatment every time without having to worry about inconsistent results or experiences. This is critical to naturally managing your health and wellness. Our targeted formulas are the second differentiator: dosist worked with leading cannabis scientists to engineer specific formulations of the active cannabis ingredients blended with key benefit-based terpenes (essential oils found in plants, herbs and fruit) to deliver optimal wellness solutions without the sometimes overwhelming effects of THC. From reducing pain and inflammation, to getting a better night’s sleep, our six targeted formulas—bliss, sleep, calm, relief, passion, and arouse—were expertly engineered to elevate the user’s health and deliver specific therapeutic benefits.

dosist CEO Gunner Winston

For someone just getting into vaping, what should they start with?
We are committed to providing solutions that empower people to naturally manage their health. Cannabis is a powerful therapeutic tool that can help people in myriad ways, and vaping is one of the most effective ways to experience its benefits. But, in our opinion, what is critical with vaping is that it should come with dose control. Without proper dose control, it's very challenging to have a precise, beneficial and repeatable experience. And without that users won't be able to fully understand, control or navigate the therapeutic benefits of this plant.

Is there anything about dosist that most people might not know?
It’s important to share that at dosist, we are focused on science and innovation to unlock the therapeutic and wellness benefits of this amazing plant. Our mission at dosist is to not only transform the cannabis category through this work but also transform how people think about long-term healthcare in general, which is a huge and exciting journey.

What’s next for dosist?
We will continue on our path to inspire, educate, and empower people to naturally manage their health and happiness. Not a day goes by where we don’t hear life-changing stories from our customers. dosist is helping people discover the benefits of cannabis and utilize it as a safe, non-toxic therapeutic medicine, and this continues to motivate us and drive everything we do.

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