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July 05, 2019
Strain Spotlight: Goodflower Crockett's Haze


With summer in full effect, you might find yourself in the mood for a strain that allows you to keep up with the dizzying array of social activities on your calendar. Whether it’s weekend road trips, music festivals, backyard barbecues or group hikes, picking up a sativa bud from MedMen to enhance all of the above should be at the top of your to-do list. The season’s packed schedule pairs well with Crockett’s Haze from Goodflower, a sativa-based strain that will help give you all the energy you need until Labor Day (and beyond).

Effects of Goodflower Crockett’s Haze
Energy and motivation are the two main effects of this citrusy strain, which will bring on a highly focused, cerebral effect with a heavy dose of euphoria. If inspiration for creative work or tackling an intimidating schedule is more your aim, Crockett’s Haze also makes for a good choice. Those dealing with chronic pain can also turn to Crockett’s Haze for relief. All in all, it’s a fantastic option for sativa fans.

Goodflower Crockett’s Haze
In 2018, the folks over at Canndescent launched Goodbrands, a cannabis company centered on natural, pesticide-free flower grown with sustainability and fair wages in mind. Goodflower is the lower-priced line, offering high quality buds at an accessible cost.

Head to your nearest MedMen cannabis retailer to pick up Crockett’s Haze from Goodflower.

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