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May 14, 2019
Strain Spotlight: Green Crack


Despite having a somewhat questionable moniker, Green Crack is a prominent, beloved strain in the cannabis community. Numerous legends surround this sativa-heavy hybrid, including its birthplace, which is thought to be Georgia or Ohio, and its parental lineage, which mostly points to Skunk #1 along with an unknown strain. Formerly known as Cush or Green Cush, it was given its current name by none other than the cannabis king himself, Snoop Dogg.

The look, smell, and feel of Green Crack

Green Crack boasts dense, pale green buds, orange pistils, enveloped in frosty, crystalline trichs. Its scent consists of citrus, floral, and fruity fragrances, hinting at the presence of terpenes such as limonene, myrcene, and linalool.

The effects of Green Crack

There’s something to be said for its name—Green Crack and its heady, sativa dominance can bring on limitless energy. As in, the kind of exuberance reserved for daytime smoking that also calls for stamina assistance. Reach for this strain when you need to clean your house, knock out a massive to-do list, or just want something that helps with fatigue or elevates a low mood. However, keep in mind that too much of this strain can cause anxiety, paranoia, or a super stoned, space-case effect.

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