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October 06, 2020
Is XJ-13 the Most Delicious Strain?


Photo courtesy of MedMen

Cannabis enthusiasts love XJ-13. While it might not be as well known as other sativas like the infamous Pineapple Express, this strain can be best described as, if you know you know. The unusual name comes from the fact that it’s a cross between Jack Herer and G13 Haze and like its parents, it offers a cerebral buzz and a euphoric feel.

But while a great buzz and euphoria is common among plenty of sativas, what is about this strain that makes it so appealing? Well, it comes down to flavor. Cannabis enthusiasts love the way it tastes like candied pine, tangerines, and sharp cologne. Plus, it’s visually interesting too: Featuring long, dense buds with a serious coat of sticky resin and peppered with orange hairs, it’s a beautiful contrast to the lime green flower. 

Read on to learn exactly what XJ-13 tastes and feels like in our strain review below.

What kind of high should I expect?

You can expect to be hit with a cerebral high right away followed by a pleasant body buzz. While this strain leans into its sativa roots both in its terpene profile (peppery caryophyllene, fresh pinene, and citrusy terpinolene are dominant) and effect, there’s a clear hint of something else. Go further up the strain’s family tree and you’ll see Northern Lights and Skunk #1, two indica-leaning strains. It’s these genetics that give the user a bit of a euphoric body high (commonly associated with indicas) in addition to the pronounced head high (common in sativas.) 

So what should I use this strain for?

If you’re a regular flower consumer, this strain is a great, tasty smoke that you can enjoy any time of the day — it won’t make you crawl back into bed. For those with lower tolerances, start off slow and try a creative task be it journaling, a fun Lego project, or some other passion project. Have fun with it — it’s meant to give you a happy, mood-boosting high which could be ideal for those looking for stress relief.

What do reviewers love about it?

It’s all about the flavor and high — reviewers praise its citrusy taste and euphoric, focused high. Need to tackle your to-do list? This could help. Looking for a mood boost? Yup, might help with that too. Sore muscles? XJ-13 could ease that too. As a strain that appeals to both experienced users and people new to cannabis, XJ-13 could be your new go-to sativa. It’s a flavorful and enjoyable flower that has a potent effect but it won’t weigh you down — you can easily enjoy this during the day.

What are the downsides?

For some, XJ-13’s cerebral high can be too strong so those who are prone to anxiety when smoking might want to avoid it or consume it in smaller amounts. It does make some people’s mind’s race and that’s not the 2020 energy anyone needs. Since it’s high in THC, it could also stimulate the appetite so for those looking for a sativa that’ll suppress your hunger, this won’t be it. Some reviewers have experienced both dry mouth and dry eyes on this, so keep that in mind as well. 

Ready to Try XJ-13? Here’s what MedMen experts suggest:

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