MedMen Capital pursues strategic investments in large addressable markets that are supply-constrained and have high barriers to entry. We take an institutional approach to monetize the lack of traditional financing and capital in the cannabis industry. Our investment professionals have a track record of success in private equity, venture capital, management consulting, restructuring, and corporate and real estate finance.

MedMen Capital offers four key advantages:

  • Keen understanding of regulatory issues.
  • Established access in sizable North American markets.
  • Experience in institutional finance, venture capital and private equity.
  • Class leading expertise in agriculture, science, technology and cannabis operations through our captive operating partner.

MedMen is partnered with prominent investment firm, Wicklow Capital, an active private investor with stakes across several industries including current and former investments in GETCO, Sofi, Motif Investing, Twitter and Quanergy System.

It is estimated that 66 percent of Americans currently have access to medical marijuana. Nearly a quarter have access to recreational marijuana.